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28 Sep 2009 600GB 15K SAS Drives and Configurations for Sun StorageTek 2500 Arrays [22313]
Includes Sun StorageTek 2510, 2530, 2540 Arrays

Sun StorageTek 2500 arrays now offer 600GB 15K SAS drives for better performance and higher density while requiring no increase in air-conditioning and power requirements. Qualifying arrays include the Sun StorageTek 2540, 2530, and 2510. Sun reports these configurations using 600GB 15Krpm 3Gb/s SAS drives can help solve costly IT problems such as lengthy back-up and restore windows, challenges around massive growth in static content, and more.
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06 Aug 2009 Systems Vendor Relies on Sun to Deliver Affordable Cloud Computing [22054]
Sun Storage and Servers Support Hosted Infrastructure Virtual BackOffice

Virtual BackOffice is a virtual IT infrastructure that is highly scalable and available. Created by Merkl IT, this solution gives customers access to their data and applications from almost any location with very little hardware required onsite. When Merkl IT began working on what has now become its core product a few years ago, the company knew that it needed hardware that would help provide high resiliency, scalability and fast response times for its customers. Although it considered other products, the company decided to rely on several Sun products for its solution.
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16 Feb 2009 Solaris Cluster Support for the Sun Fire X4250 Server [21296]
Get Higher Service Levels at Lower Service Level Costs With Reduced Risk

Solaris Cluster 3.1 8/05 and 3.2 now support the Sun Fire X4250 Server. This enterprise-class server is fast, expandable, and energy efficient, making it ideal for Web infrastructure, large single-app implementations, and multi-app consolidations. Since those environments need High Availability, the Sun Fire X4250 is a great platform to combine with Solaris Cluster for customers to deploy mission-critical solutions with high performance and service levels.
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06 Jan 2009 Review of News for 2008 - 1 of 3 [21157]
50 Most Popular Topics, 900 Most Popular Articles

By accessing the web logs, we have determined that the following list of about 900 articles were the most popular with subscribers and web site visitors in 2008.

We have grouped the articles by topic to give you a view of what were the most important news articles for 2008. That a topic had enough popular articles to be included in this of topics is in itself significant.

Part 1 of 3


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