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30 Sep 2014 StorageTek SAM-QFS 5.4 [38569]
Open source filesystem and Hierarchical Storage Manager

QFS is an open source filesystem. It is tightly integrated with SAM, the Storage and Archive Manager, and hence is often referred to as SAM-QFS. SAM provides the functionality of a Hierarchical Storage Manager.

StorageTek Storage Archive Manager (SAM) 5.4 is the most significant update in several years. It contains numerous enhancements, including:

  • Horizontal scalability enables users to increase the rate at which they archive data by 10x
  • Automated data integrity validation enables the archive to automatically self-audit and then self-heal if necessary
  • Files can now be imported and exported from the archive in LTFS format Page.
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06 Feb 2012 Support Coverage for Hardware and Operating Systems [25386]
Includes Many Older Sun Products Nearing End of Sustaining Support

Oracle has produced a 25-page pdf that lists the Support Coverage for Hardware and Operating Systems, many of which are older Sun products that will reach the end of Sustaining Support in 2012-02.
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08 Feb 2011 Sun Open Storage at the Queensland Brain Institute [23899]
1PB of Storage Capacity at a Licensing Cost Savings of AU$100,000

The Queensland Brain Institute at the University of Queensland has saved AU$100,000 by adopting a scalable Sun Open Storage system with more than one PB of data capacity. The elements of this solution include the Sun Fire X4200 M2 Server, the Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server, the Sun StorageTek 6140 Array, and the Sun StorageTek SL500 Modular Library System, all of which will enable the institute to carry out its mission of exploring a wide range of neuroscience interests. With this implementation the institute saved more than AU$100,000 in licensing costs while reducing cost per TB by 65% and eliminating silent data corruption.
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17 Jan 2011 Oracle and the University of Central Florida [23853]
Second-Largest University Reduces Costs and Improves System Performance with Powerful Combination of Oracle Software and Hardware

To help streamline academic administration and to manage growth, the University of Central Florida (UCF) is using a multifaceted solution that combines Oracle software and hardware.

As the nation’s second-largest university (single campus), UCF needed a powerful, scalable and reliable IT infrastructure to support its continued growth, while also addressing a growing user preference for Web-enabled portals and self-service options.

"The combination of Oracle software and hardware provides us with an innovative platform that significantly streamlines our administrative processes so students can spend more time learning and less time standing in line filling out paperwork," said Bob Yanckello, CTO, University of Central Florida. "Oracle’s hardware provides the performance and scalability needed to ensure that students, faculty and staff have access to the system even during the most severe traffic spikes."
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19 Aug 2010 Decision-making Time for Sun VARs [23362]
Oracle's Channel Continues Outreach

The word from Oracle to Sun VARs is they need to join the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), although some of the specifics remain sketchy. In two separate articles from CRN, the topic on Oracle's outreach to Sun VARs is discussed, and an entry on the VAR Guy blog also asks if Sun partners really need to embrace Oracle solutions. This article highlights these discussions.
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