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04 Feb 2010 Server News Bites [22764]
Short Items of Interest on Sun Servers

  • T5140/T5240 Better IO Redundancy Than IBM Power 520 Server
  • Updating Firmware on ILOM-based Sun Servers
  • New 2TB SATA Drives for Sun Storage J4200 and J4400 Arrays
  • Hot-pluggable, 2TB, 3.5-inch, 7200 RPM SATA Drive for Sun Fire X4275 Servers
  • Sun Fire X4540 Controller Module ATO Option with 128 GB Memory
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21 Jan 2010 OpenSolaris News Bites [22744]
Short Items of Interest for the OpenSolaris Community

  • OpenSolaris Supports Sun Storage J4000 Arrays
  • ZFS send dedup integrated in OpenSolaris
  • Trusted Extensions Support for CUPS
  • iSCI Boot
  • Installing OpenSolaris on SPARC using LiveCD
  • iSCI SAN
  • Enabling xVM on OpenSolaris
  • Creating Paravirtualized CentOS 5.3 DomU
  • Configuring a Home File Server
  • Sun Supported IPS Repositories
  • Setting Keyboard Layouts
  • Other OpenSolaris Tips and Tricks
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29 Oct 2009 Using Sun Flash Cache and Oracle SGA to Boost Performance with the Sun Storage F5100 [22491]
Query Volume, Speedup Ratio Increases on Oracle Database 11g, Release 2

The Sun BestPerf blog "Oracle Flash Cache -- SGA Caching on Sun Storage F5100" posted by Senthil Ramanujam reports on the combination of new features delivered by Oracle and Sun's Flash Cache technology and its effect on the improved database performance of the Sun Storage F5100. The benchmark results in this blog deal with the performance of Oracle Database 11 (Release2), which enables extending the System Global Area (SGA) size and caching beyond physical memory, to a large flash memory storage device as the Sun Storage F5100 flash array.
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14 Aug 2009 Windows on Sun Fire X4600 M2 Sets World Record Results [22102]
New Price-Performance Mark on TPC-H Benchmark

A recent TPC-H benchmarking exercise at the 300GB scale factor involving Windows running on the Sun Fire X4600 M2 Server resulted in 2.80 $/QphH@300GB (USD) price-performance. The benchmarking employed Microsoft's SQL Server 2008 Enterprise database along with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 operating system. Similar benchmarking results were obtained for the HP DL785 and the IBM x3950 M2. This result is 14% better price performance than the HP DL785 result.
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04 Aug 2009 Music-Analysis Firm Saves 50% on Hardware Costs with Sun Startup Essentials Program [22047]
Also Gains Efficiency, Speed, Networking Support

By working with Sun Startup Essentials program, MusicMetric of London paid 50% less than it originally estimated for the cost of hardware and cut server power-consumption 60% by choosing Sun over Dell. Networking is another benefit MusicMetric has reaped with the Sun Startup Essentials program. "We try to go to as many Sun events as we can," commented MusicMetric's Greg Mead. "It's a really good way to meet other people dealing with similar challenges and Stewart Townsend, a Startup Essentials Manager, has introduced us to some great business leads."
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