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16 Dec 2010 New Oracle Names for Sun Software [23742]
With Links

Many of the software products produced by Sun Microsystems have been rebranded since the Oracle acquisition. This is a useful table mapping the old names to the new names along with links to the Oracle (or other) home pages for those products.
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14 Sep 2010 New Release of Oracle Secure Global Desktop Now Available [23490]
Secure, Remote Access with Improved Flexibility and Usability

Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.6 has made improvements in browser flexibility, availability, application launch control, integration with third party infrastructure, hot-plug local disk drives and USB drives, Windows sessions, configurable directory services and password management, and connection protocol.
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01 Apr 2010 Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) 3.1.1 Released [22991]
Now Supports Sun Storage 7000 Firmware 2010.Q1

Oracle's Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) 3.1.1 is the latest release of the software, which now offers support for the Sun Storage 7000 firmware 2010.Q1. "Now VDI supports the COMSTAR stack, now you see a storage utilization that you always wanted to see," cheers Dirk Grobler on his blog Jumping VDI. "Way better CPU numbers, much better IOPS, online deduplication for those who look into application streaming. This storage/VDI combination really rocks."
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04 Feb 2010 New Featured Training Offerings [22776]
Includes Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Solaris 10 Patching, Ops Center Administration

New listings of Sun Learning Services instructor-led and live virtual class were recently noted. Some of these classes cover topics on Developing Web Applications using JSF technologies, Virtualization and Cloud Computing Concepts, Solaris 10 Patching Best Practices, and Sun Ops Center Administration.
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27 Jan 2010 Sun Ray Thin Clients and Software Save Corporation an Estimated $270,000 [22720]
Sun Solution Increased User and IT Productivity, Security and Added Easy Remote Access

In September 2008, medical products maker ResMed decided to replace 160 PCs with Sun Ray 2 Thin Clients, and purchased two SPARC Enterprise T2000 Servers with chip multithreading, and four Sun Fire X4440 Servers to support its new solution. According to ResMed, IT productivity has increased by the equivalent of two additional IT staff, and the company has saved about $267,850. The Sun solution also increased security and substantially reduced energy costs as well as the noise-level.
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