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20 Oct 2010 New Sun SPOT Tutorials and Labs available [23583]
Content Now Available Online from JavaOne

SunSPOTWorld has been updated to include tutorials from the last few years of JavaONE proceedings. Blogger Roger Meike gives readers the details in his blog New Sun SPOT tutorials and Labs available online. If you are unfamiliar with SunSPOTWorld, the Sun SPOT Quick Start Tutorial is a good place to start. You can follow up with the Robot Tutorial.
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19 Jan 2009 Epidemic Code Deployment on Sun SPOTs: Take One [21116]
Vipul Gupta's Weblog

Sun SPOTs Patch release "represents a significant step towards full epidemic deployment." "Epidemic code deployment is a more efficient mechanism," said Vipul Gupta in his weblog, "that lets code propagate from SPOT to SPOT." The current method of deployment of the same code to multiple SPOTs is one-at-a- time.
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06 Jan 2009 Review of News for 2008 - 2 of 3 [21171]
50 Most Popular Topics, 900 Most Popular Articles

Part 2 of 3


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