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23 May 2011 Sun SPOT Java Development Kit [24201]
Rev8 Now Available in the Oracle Store

The Sun SPOT Hardware Developers Kit Rev8, now available in the Oracle Store contains all the essential components for implementations of Small Programmable Object Technology. A Sun SPOT device is a small, wireless, battery powered experimental platform that is programmed in Java, allowing programmers to create projects that once required specialized embedded system development skills. The hardware platform includes a range of built-in sensors as well as the ability to easily interface to external devices. Clearly, Sun SPOT devices are much more than just an embedded microprocessor that runs Java. Each Sun SPOT Java Development Kit contains two free-range Sun SPOT devices (with processor, radio, sensor board and battery) and one base station Sun SPOT device (with processor and radio). Also included in the kit are software development tools and a USB cable allowing you to start developing applications for your Sun SPOT devices.
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20 Oct 2010 New Sun SPOT Tutorials and Labs available [23583]
Content Now Available Online from JavaOne

SunSPOTWorld has been updated to include tutorials from the last few years of JavaONE proceedings. Blogger Roger Meike gives readers the details in his blog New Sun SPOT tutorials and Labs available online. If you are unfamiliar with SunSPOTWorld, the Sun SPOT Quick Start Tutorial is a good place to start. You can follow up with the Robot Tutorial.
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18 Aug 2010 Sun SPOT Online Store Now Open for Business [23404]
Shop for eSerial Boards, Batteries and Add-on Components

The Sun SPOT Store is now open for business, declares David G. Simmons on his On the SPOT blog. Products include eSerial boards, batteries and add-on components. View a few short video snippets demonstrating how the Sun SPOT can be used at the store's main Website, where a list of available products is also accessible.
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10 Jun 2010 Sun SPOT Repriced [23183]
The Sun Small Programmable Object Technology Project Still Active

Sun SPOT devices have been repriced and they are selling out fast. As of this writing, there were still availability for Sun SPOT Java Development Kits for commercial orders only in the United States and Canada at the selling price of US$399.00 and 415.00CAD.
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08 May 2009 Sun-sponsored China Innovation Program for Students to Build Virtual Online Site [21750]
Challenge Will School Participating University Students on Sun's Open Source Technologies

The China Innovation Program for Students (CHIPS) is a student development program providing mentoring and training on open source technologies. Sponsored by Sun and the Ministry of Education of China, CHIPS will invite technology students from 10 Chinese universities to leverage Sun's portfolio of open source, virtual and collaborative technology solutions to build an online virtual collaboration site. Divided into teams, the best one will be flown to Sun's corporate headquarters for a one week hosted stay where they will meet with Sun technologists for additional mentoring programs.
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