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25 Nov 2011 Technical Product Guide for Sun Ray Clients [24966]
Covers Sun Ray 3; Sun Ray 3 plus, and Sun Ray 3i

On Jaap's VDI Blog Space readers will find a link to the new technical guide for all three Sun Ray clients: Sun Ray 3, Sun Ray 3 plus, and Sun Ray 3i. The online documentation provides detailed information about the similarities and differences between the three Sun Ray client hardware models. The "Sun Ray 3 Series Clients Product Guide" lists the features and technical specifications of the Sun Ray Client such as number of ports, chassis, graphics, network interfaces, power supply, operating conditions, MTBF, reliability, and other standards. The guide also contains a separate chapter about environmental data.
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24 Aug 2011 Sun Ray Primer Part 1 [24475]
VDI Architecture on Unix-based Desktops

Klaus Ruehl helpfully summarizes Sun Ray architecture into a single page overview and then proceeds to a discussion of how that architecture is used to serve Unix-based desktops. Since most end-users actually want a Windows desktop and typically do not want to get in touch with any different operating system, however, part 2 of Ruehl's article series will explain how to connect Sun Ray clients with the Windows world.
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01 Aug 2011 Oracle Sun Ray Clients and Cisco Universal Power Over Ethernet [24398]
Network Drop Alone Powers Thin Client, Monitor with Cisco's Catalyst 4500E Switch

Networking and power on the same physical line? No problem at all, blogs Chris Kawalek in the post "Oracle Sun Ray Clients and Cisco Universal Power Over Ethernet." The phenomenally low power consumption of both the Sun Ray Client (as low as six watts) and the integrated 21.5 inch display (20 watts) is well within the 60 watt capacity of Cisco's Catalyst 4500E Switch, he writes. This makes it possible to establish impromptu connections in such settings as manufacturing floors and warehouses, point of sale stations, and information kiosks with only a network drop and without a separate AC power line.
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07 Jul 2011 Oracle Sun Ray 3 Series Clients Honored by the Industrial Designers Society of America [24343]
Receives 2011 Silver International Design Excellence Award

Oracle was granted the 2011 Silver International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) for Computer Equipment by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). According to the Oracle press release, the IDEA is considered the "Oscar" for industrial design and is awarded to foster business and public understanding about the impact of design excellence on the quality of life and the economy. The award was made for Oracle's Sun Ray 3 Series Clients, simple, low-cost devices that are ideal for displaying server-hosted virtual desktops and whose manufacture employs the 'concept-through-production' focus on eco-friendliness in the design, materials, packaging, power consumption, weight/shipping, and carbon footprint; human factors like no moving parts, such as the touch-sensitive power switch; and the consistency of features throughout the product line, Oracle notes.
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02 Jun 2011 Sun Ray Clients Key to Korean Municipality's Green-Up Effort [24212]
Oracle VDI Solution Helps Cut Power Consumption by 50%, Reduces SysAdmin Time, Boosts Productivity

The South Korean city of Gunsan underwent a radical transformation recently that involved turning 401 square kilometers of reclaimed land and fresh water reservoirs into a new business, industrial, tourism, and residential area not knows as the Saemangeum Gunsan Free Economic Zone. As part of this transformation, Gunsan City Hall replaced its 100 legacy desktop environment with Oracle Sun Ray Clients, resulting in a 50% reduction in power consumption as well as significant reductions in system administration costs and improvements in employee productivity. Yet another bonus in this upgrade is that, rather than store confidential details of city administration practices on individual desktop hard drives, that data is now more securely stored on the city's central server. The time involved in data backup activities has been cut from three to four hours down to a mere 10 minutes. Employees voice enthusiastic praise for the new system, which consists of two Sun Fire X4170 M2 Servers and two Sun Blade X6270 Servers, all of which run Oracle Solaris. Gunsan installed Sun Storage 7310C and Sun Storage 7210 systems as well.
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