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28 Oct 2010 Sun Ray 3 and Sun Ray 3i Announcements [23578]
More Features, Functionality; Same Price Point

Here's a deal for you: Oracle's new Sun Ray 3 and 3i offer new and improved features and functionality and come at the same price as the Sun Ray 2 and Sun Ray 270. How often does that happen? Edward Moffat blogs that the 3i ... gives you more screen, [and] better power consumption control with the auto-sleep functionality.
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24 Sep 2010 New Sun Ray 3 Client and Sun Ray 3i Client [23517]
Improved Security, Less Management, Lower Energy Costs

Oracle has added two new thin client devices to its desktop virtualization portfolio, the Sun Ray 3 Client and the Sun Ray 3i Client, both of which provide customers with a desktop computing solution designed to increase security, improve employee access, and reduce the maintenance, upgrade, and operational costs associated with traditional desktop environments, according to Oracle's product release announcement.
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02 Jul 2010 Sun Ray Server Software on OpenSolaris [23204]
Workarounds for the Unsupported OS

Working through the install of Sun Ray Server Software on OpenSolaris 2009.06, the author of The Grey Blog shares his experience of the process using a Sun Ray 2 client. At this time, the Sun Ray Server Software is not supported on OpenSolaris. The blogger proceeds through the installation and addresses some of issues the open source OS may encounter, offering helpful workarounds.
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06 Apr 2010 Sun Ray 3 Plus Client [23019]
The First Member of the Third Generation of Sun Ray Clients

Oracle released the Sun Ray 3 Plus - replacing the Sun Ray 2 FS, according to Edward Moffat. It offers high-performance and ultra-low power consumption (ENERGY STAR 5.0-qualified), and the chassis uses eco-friendly and recyclable materials. Its new design has the smart card at the top, a larger surround on the card reader, new front power on/off switch, new sleep timer, an additional USB 2.0 port in front and two located on the back for a total of four, a 10/100/1000 Ethernet port, a 1000 Mb SFP port, standard DB-9 Serial port, and two DVI ports each driving 2560 x 1600 resolution.
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27 Jan 2010 Sun Ray Thin Clients and Software Save Corporation an Estimated $270,000 [22720]
Sun Solution Increased User and IT Productivity, Security and Added Easy Remote Access

In September 2008, medical products maker ResMed decided to replace 160 PCs with Sun Ray 2 Thin Clients, and purchased two SPARC Enterprise T2000 Servers with chip multithreading, and four Sun Fire X4440 Servers to support its new solution. According to ResMed, IT productivity has increased by the equivalent of two additional IT staff, and the company has saved about $267,850. The Sun solution also increased security and substantially reduced energy costs as well as the noise-level.
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