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01 Oct 2010 Oracle Health Sciences Institute Launched [23537]
Partners Oracle and Sun Labs Talent and Resources

Newly created Oracle Health Sciences Institute (OHSI) will be partnering with Sun Labs to advance personalized medicine and the delivery of safe and effective treatments and health care services through advancements in IT technology. Plans are for OHSI to work in tandem with academic research centers, focusing on a targeted set of research areas fundamental to the R&D and health care delivery challenges facing today's health sciences organizations.
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10 Jun 2010 Sun SPOT Repriced [23183]
The Sun Small Programmable Object Technology Project Still Active

Sun SPOT devices have been repriced and they are selling out fast. As of this writing, there were still availability for Sun SPOT Java Development Kits for commercial orders only in the United States and Canada at the selling price of US$399.00 and 415.00CAD.
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06 Jan 2010 Sun Labs Technical Report on Hardware Transactional Memory Experimentation [22531]
Progress Shown in Results from Prototype Multicore SPARC Processor Based on Rock

Sun architects are making groundbreaking progress towards sophisticated synchronization support for multicore systems, find Dave Dice, Yossi Lev, Mark Moir, Dan Nussbaum, and Marek Olszewski. In their research for a Sun Labs technical report on commercial hardware transactional memory (HTM), the men report on a number of promising results using HTM to improve performance in a variety of contexts, in addition to lessons learned on more effectively using the feature.
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07 Aug 2009 Reinforcement Learning for Multi-agent Systems [22064]
This Calls for More Than Just Food Rewards

In his contrarian minds interview with David Vengerov, writer Al Riske characterizes the Sun Labs researcher as "part of an emerging consensus that large-scale systems need to be self-managing and self-optimizing." The complexity of systems is so vast that setting tuning parameters has become all but impossible to accomplish perfectly. "The only thing people can do now to make these systems work well is to set by hand multitudes of different parameters and policies," Vengerov told Riske.
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15 Jun 2009 A Layered Approach to Bug Checking [21849]
The Parfait Project

For handling bugs, Cristina Cifuentes, a senior staff engineer in Sun Labs discusses "the Parfait Project." The Parfait Project is named after the dessert because it takes a multi-layered approach to bug checking. The building of this layered bug checker is an attempt at providing an efficient tool for checking bugs and reducing the amount of time spent.
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