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09 Jul 2009 Record-Setting Performance by Sun x64 Servers and Open Storage [22087]
On BIDW and Email Serving Benchmarks

Sun's Open Network Systems have set multiple record-breaking results on industry-standard Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing (BIDW) and e-mail serving benchmarks. Outstanding performance was also observed on the two-tier SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Standard Application Benchmark and the SAS Analytics grid test.
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30 Jun 2009 Sun Open Storage for the Web Platform [21915]
Reduces Storage Costs for Digital Assets by up to 90%

IT managers responsible for storage of digital assets and the management of them may want to take a look at the white paper "Managing Web Infrastructure Storage Cost, Complexity, and Performance" that provides an overview of Sun Open Storage for the Web platform. The paper covers specific tools to address massive data growth, trends in open storage and key features of Sun solutions.
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26 Jun 2009 New Sun Downloads [22031]
Includes Lustre, Sun Fire Servers' Firmware, HPC ClusterTools and More

Have you downloaded the latest updates in Sun software for your Sun solutions? Take a look at the top ten updates made available June 17th through June 23rd. These include Lustre; Sun Fire X4540, X2270, X4170, X4270, X4275; Sun Servers Integration 1.0; HPC ClusterTools 8.2; HPC Software, OpenSolaris Developer Edition 1.0; Sun Blade X6275; and Sun Server Hardware Management Pack 1.1.
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11 Jun 2009 It's a Match: hi5 Hooks Up with Sun [21852]
Social Networking Service Opts for Sun Fire X4540 Server

When the six-year old social networking service hi5 doubled its user base in 2008, it became clear to management that a robust means of keeping pace with growth was called for. The 400+ TB of data the service manages just keeps growing, so the company looked to Sun for answers concerning their IT infrastructure. hi5 sought to scale its infrastructure to accommodate anticipated growth; reduce IT costs; provide for the management of hundreds of TBs of stored data; and maintain an easily scalable and manageable storage infrastructure. Sun came up with the answers.
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13 May 2009 Pathways to Petascale Computing -- Updated White Paper [21728]
Includes Information on the Latest Xeon Processors, QDR InfinBand

"Pathways to Open Petascale Computing: The Sun Constellation System - Designed for Performance" is an updated version of a white paper covered in an earlier System News article [20167] that now presents fully updated information on the latest Xeon processors and QDR InfinBand, describing Sun's systemic design approach to building and scaling large petascale computing environments with Sun Constellation System.
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