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07 Aug 2009 Sun/ParAccel/OpenSolaris Cluster Logs One Million Queries per Hour TPC-H at 30 Terabytes [22029]
Bests HP Superdome Mark

A recent TPC-H benchmark produced the impressive performance and price-performance result of 1,050,556.20 QphH @30000GB with a price performance of $2.86/QphH @30000GB for a Sun/ParAccel cluster of 43 Sun Fire X4540 servers, each equipped with two AMD Opteron 2356 2.3 GHz processors, running ParAccel Analytic Database on Sun OpenSolaris 2009.06, reports blogger Guido Ficco on Sun's BestPerf site.
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05 Aug 2009 An Illuminata Report Spotlights Optimizing Virtualization for Business Apps [22161]
Sun Servers with Six-Core AMD Opterons Featured

An Illuminata Spotlight piece considers the trend of virtualization moving into business applications, and how that is both reflected and enabled by the latest generation of Sun servers based on the new six-core AMD Opteron processors. The evolution of virtualization software, processors and systems is covered. Sun systems discussed include the Sun Fire X4140, X4440, X4640, Sun Blade X6240, X6440 and 6048.
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03 Aug 2009 Two SPEC Record Setting Results on the Sun Constellation System [22030]
CPU2006 Throughput World Records with Sun Blade X6440s in Sun Blade 6048 Chassis

World record SPEC CPU2006 rate results were attained by a Sun Constellation system composed of 48 Sun Blade X6440 server modules in a Sun Blade 6048 chassis, running OpenSolaris 2008.11 and using the Sun Studio 12 Update 1 compiler. Gnanakumar Rajaram reports on these results.
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31 Jul 2009 Two New PTO Options for Sun Fire X4540 with Six-Core AMD Opteron Processor [22042]
New Istanbul Processor 2435 Now Available

There are two new PTO options for Sun Fire X4540 with six-core AMD Opteron Processor 2435. The two new PTOs offer either two AMD Opteron 2435 CPUs, 32 GB memory and 24 TB of storage or two 2435 CPUs, 32 GB memory and 48 TB of storage. The desired system will be preinstalled with Solaris 10 Update 7 OS. The new CPU Opteron 2435 processor has six cores in each CPU as compared to the quad core CPU for higher throughput I/O and better data throughput rate for each CPU.
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22 Jul 2009 Sun CMT Servers Offer 1.6 GHz UltraSPARC T2 and T2 Plus Processors [22129]
Also Announced: Sun Open Network Systems Enterprise 2.0 Solution for Oracle, New Six-Core AMD Opteron-Processor Servers

Chip multi-threaded (CMT) Sun SPARC Enterprise systems now offer 1.6 GHz processors. When used with the recently released Logical Domains 1.2, users can expect to experience additional virtualization and compute performance, simplified management, a reduction in I/O bottlenecks and accelerated application response time, Sun reports. The company also announced the Sun Open Network Systems Enterprise 2.0 Solution for Oracle that claims enterprise infrastructure deployment at up to 75 percent faster rates than traditional approaches. Additionally, new x64 blades and rackmount servers with the latest six-core AMD Opteron processors are available.
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