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23 Jan 2012 Solaris 10 OS and ZFS Cut Costs, Boost Uptime as Alternative to RAID [25265]
Application Now Deploys on Less Costly Entry-level Server but Improves Performance

The post by Frederic P "ZFS secures your application" describes a cost-saving alternative to using an internal RAID storage controller in an entry-level server. That solution uses the Oracle Solaris 10 OS and its ZFS file system to mirror the root hard drive. The benefits realized include higher uptime, simpler management, faster deployment, better data integrity and lower hardware cost. It was possible to deploy an application on a Sun Fire X2270 class system vs a X4170 class one -- a 20% difference in base prices -- and to reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance time from hours to minutes.
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20 Jul 2011 Therap Services Expands Health Services Infrastructure with Oracle Servers [24382]
Oracle's Scalable Solutions Deliver Relief from 1 Billion Record Paperwork Load

Therap Services, LLC, which provides an integrated, Web-based solution for automating the documentation and communication needs of agencies supporting people with disabilities, has become an Oracle shop, implementing Oracle’s latest x86 Sun Fire X2270 M2 and Sun Fire X4270 M2 servers servers running Oracle Solaris, with Oracle Database 11g and Oracle GoldenGate 11g software. Oracle GoldenGate provides Therap with the ability to replicate transactions in real time between two data centers, giving health services agencies immediate access to the system for vital filings and real-time reporting. Therap and its customers now enjoy an electronic alternative to the immense amount of paperwork that many care providers still complete manually, The more than 1 billion records Therap Services stores are now accessible in a system that scales to accommodate an expected annual growth rate of 100 percent over the next three years. Oracle’s Sun Fire servers enables a ten-fold increase in processing speed over legacy systems during the testing phase.
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18 Jul 2011 Sun Fire Servers 3D Demos [24333]
X4800, X4470 M2, X4170 M2, X2270 M2

3d demos of the Sun Fire X4800, Sun Fire X4470 M2, Sun Fire X4170 M2 and the Sun Fire X2270 M2 are available.
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08 Oct 2010 New Hadoop Terasort, CloubBurst Benchmark Results for Sun Fire X2270 M2 Server [23549]
16-Node Cluster Delivers Impressive Throughput

The Sun BestPerf blog reports on a 16-node cluster of the Oracle Sun Fire X2270 M2 Super-Linear Scaling of Hadoop Terasort and CloudBurst Benchmarks, with a 100GB data set.
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05 Jul 2010 Architecture and Performance Documentation Released on New Sun Fire x86 Clustered Systems [23280]
Details on the x86 Intel Xeon Rackmount and Blade Systems

With the launch of its Sun Fire x86 cluster systems, Oracle has released several architectural white papers along with multiple performance records on these latest Sun-technology driven servers. Oracle offers tightly integrated x86 clustered systems engineered across its business software and hardware systems portfolio to deliver high performing application-to-disk solutions that can be managed and supported as a single system.
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