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09 Apr 2010 I/O Optimized Reverse Time Migration Benchmark Results for Sun Blade X6275/QDR IB/ [23003]
Enhances HPC Applications for Use by Geophysical Science

The Reverse Time Migration Benchmark presents MPI I/O tuning techniques in order to exploit the power of the Sun HPC ClusterTools MPI I/O implementation while also demonstrating the performance of the Sun Lustre File System as it might be used by exploration geophysicists worldwide. This is the explanation Melinda McDade provides in the blog "Sun Blade X6275/QDR IB/Reverse Time Migration."
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18 Nov 2009 Sun HPC Recent Developments [22597]
New HPC Solutions, Benchmarks, Customers and Positioning on Top500 List

The latest Top500 list published in November shows three of the top five supercomputers based on Intel Nehalem CPUs were Sun Constellation Systems. Sun also doubled its number of entries since the June 2009 list with a total of 11 deployments providing nearly 2 PetaFLOPS (PFLOPS). Additionally, Sun announced new products and technologies for high performance computing (HPC), an upgrade to the Sun Storage 7410 Unified Storage System, new HPC benchmarks and new HPC customers.
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05 Oct 2009 Sun Datacenter Infiniband Switch 72 [22425]
Aggregate up to 72 QDR 4x Ports into a Single 1RU Switch

The Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 72 joins the Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 648 and Sun Datacenter InfiniBand Switch 36 in Sun's third generation family of InfiniBand (IB) switches. The one rack unit (RU) switch is a complete, ultra-slim, ultra-dense switch fabric solution for Sun server clusters up to 72 Quad Data Rate (QDR) IB nodes. Most importantly, the switch integrates with the Sun Blade 6048 InfiniBand QDR Switched Network Express Module, scaling up to over 576 end nodes.
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