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09 Oct 2009 Reducing Downtime on Updates of the Solaris OS [22342]
Using Solaris Live Upgrade and Solaris Update on Attach

"Maintaining Solaris Systems with Solaris Live Upgrade and Update on Attach," a Sun BluePrints Online paper, explains how to use Solaris Live Upgrade and the Solaris Update on Attach feature, with Solaris Zones, Solaris Cluster, and the ZFS file system for software maintenance in general and the application of operating system patches in particular.
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11 Sep 2009 What Does Virtualization Mean After All? [22190]
Engineers Understand the Term to Mean Something Different from Marketers

"Demystifying Enterprise-Class Server Virtualization," a Sun BluePrints Online paper by Chad Prucha defines and classifies the various subtypes of server virtualization and provides an overview of the various enterprise-class server virtualization offerings available today from Sun Microsystems and other vendors.
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09 Sep 2009 CommVault Simpana DA Using CIFS with the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System [22175]
Quick Start Guide for Sys Admins

The Sun BluePrints Online paper "Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System for CommVault Simpana Using CIFS Quick Start Guide" by Ulrich Conrad was written for the system administrator who is already comfortable with the Simpana product and familiar with the Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System. Conrad's article is a guide to setting up the Sun OpenStorage system for use with the Simpana Data Archiver.
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02 Sep 2009 Innovating@Sun Podcast on Immutable Service Containers (ISC) [22251]
Addresses Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Security

Immutable Service Containers (ISC) are defined as an architectural deployment pattern for highly secure service delivery designed to protect virtualized environments. Sun Distinguished Engineer and Chief Security Architect Glenn Brunette discusses ISCs and how building them along principles of stronger security, greater integrity, and simplified security configuration and management is a viable solution for organizations looking to safeguard their virtualized environments in an episode of Innovation@Sun with Hal Stern.
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31 Aug 2009 Cooling Carrier-Grade Servers With Only Ambient Air [22116]
Proof-of-concept Environment Describes Full Free Air Cooling Technique

Sun and Belgacom engineers collaborated on a proof-of-concept environment to show how to effectively and efficiently cool carrier-grade servers, namely Sun Netra servers, using only ambient air. Erik Vanden Meersch and Ravi Sanjeev with Sun, along with Johan Vanderhaegen of Belgacom, reveal their discoveries in a Sun BluePrints Online article "Conserving Energy and Increasing ROI with Sun Netra Servers and Full Free Air Cooling."
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