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31 Oct 2014 Hard Partitioning With Oracle Solaris Zones [39050]
An Oracle White Paper - Oct 2014

This document describes hard partitioning with Oracle Solaris Zones (also known as Oracle Solaris Containers), and how to use it to conform to the Oracle licensing policies for partitioned environments.

The approved hard partition configurations described below apply to all types of Oracle Solaris Zones, which include but are not limited to Native Zones, Kernel Zones, Oracle Solaris Legacy Containers and, Oracle Solaris 10 Zones on Oracle Solaris 11.

NOTE: the Oracle licensing document referenced above states that the acceptable way to configure Oracle Solaris Zones is using 'capped Zones/Containers only'. The use of the designation 'capped' is a generic way of stating the Oracle Solaris Zone has a defined upper CPU boundary which is less than all the CPUs on the system. In this instance the term 'capped' refers to all valid methods of configuring Oracle Solaris Zones as hard partitions. It should not be specifically associated with the capped-cpu setting used by the zonecfg command.
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22 Apr 2013 SPARC T5-2 Achieves JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Benchmark World Records [30620]
Bests IBM Power 770 by 1.4x

Oracle's SPARC T5-2 two-chip server running Oracle Solaris Containers and consolidating JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle WebLogic servers and the Oracle Database 11g Release 2 produced World Record batch throughput for single system results on Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Day-in-the-Life benchmark. The SPARC T5-2 delivered 12,000 online users at 180 msec average response time while concurrently executing a mix of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne long and short batch processes at 198.5 UBEs/min (Universal Batch Engines per minute). The SPARC T5-2 delivered throughput of 880 UBEs/min while executing the batch-only workload performance throughput 2.7x faster per chip than the IBM Power 770 four-chip server.
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04 Jun 2012 Improved Throughput and Response Time of SPARC T4-2 [26518]
Running a Java EE Application Server Cluster

In a well documented post on how he achieved improved performance on a SPARC T4-2 Server Jeff Taylor explains that, as a result of running a Java EE Application Server Cluster by deploying the cluster members into Oracle Solaris Containers and binding those containers to cores of the SPARC T4 Processor, both throughput and response times improved appreciably. The post includes both "before" and "after" results of tests with and without processor binding.
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06 Apr 2012 OmniOS - New Addition to the illumos Familiy [25943]
With containers, crossbow, DTrace and ZFS

At the DTrace Conference, OmniTI announced OmniOS, an open source operating system for application developers in the Solaris community looking for reliable, innovative, data-intensive application deployment.

OmniTI joins a number of other distributions and projects built on the illumos kernel:

  • illumian
  • napp-it
  • NexentaStor
  • OmniOS
  • OpenIndiana
  • SmartOS
  • StormOS

The key technologies of illumos that bring significant business advantage to customers: Solaris containers, Crossbow, ZFS file system and DTrace
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02 Jan 2012 Igloo Enjoys Cool Implementation with Oracle Sun SPARC T-Series Servers [25148]
Expects 169% ROI in Three Years

Igloo Products Corporation, the world's #1 cooler manufacturer, has migrated its legacy IBM mainframe IT infrastructure to Oracle's Sun SPARC servers and Oracle software in a move that is anticipated to deliver 169% ROI in three years and a break-even point in the first year. Igloo has consolidated its operations on two Sun SPARC Enterprise T-Series servers -- the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 and T5240 -- in a virtualized system employing Oracle Solaris Containers. Igloo has determined that it can reduce its former monthly hosting fees by half now that it uses 66% fewer servers and 83% fewer CPUs.
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