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15 Jun 2013 Monitoring per Zone Filesystem activity [31401]

Solaris 11 added a new at fsstat(1M) monitoring command that provided the ability to view filesystem activity at the VFS layer (ie filesystem independent). This command was available in Solaris 11 Express and the OpenSolaris releases as well.

In Solaris 11.1 support was added for per Zone and aggregated information so now we can very quickly determine which zone it is that is contributing to the operations...
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30 May 2012 Whatever You've Heard, Repositories Don't Bite [26456]
Use them to Keep Solaris 11 Current

If keeping your Solaris 11 OS up to date is important to you, then consider the advice of Rick Ramsey who recommends signing a support contract that enables the Image Packaging System to handle the latest security updates and bug fixes automatically from the Oracle Support Repository. Ramsey also includes links to three papers on the subject by Glynn Foster, Peter Dennis, and Albert White in his post.
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16 Mar 2012 Create Solaris 10 Branded Zones on Exalogic [25683]
How-to Enables Running Multiple Versions of Solaris OS Simultaneously

Because users often find it desirable to run more than one version of Solaris, and, further, because Solaris 11 Express enables the creation of branded zones on Exalogic inside which one might run different versions of Solaris simultaneously, the how-to Leo Yuen has written for creating a Solaris 10 branded zone on Exalogic should have wide appeal. The procedure is relatively straightforward (nine steps only), well worth the effort if the result is being able to continue running applications that only certified on older versions of the OS.
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16 Jan 2012 Solaris 11 Compliance with DISA Security Guidance [25123]
Jim Laurent Satisfied with Compliance Effected by Release of Solaris 11

In his post on Solaris 11 compliance with DISA Security guidelines Jim Laurent cautions readers not to construe his comments as a declaration of compliance by either Oracle or DISA but rather a casual review of Solaris 11 against current DISA Security Guidelines. Laurent notes that an issue raised in his review a year ago has now -- with the release of Solaris 11 -- been fixed. That was the inability to mount /var as a separate file system as the scripts require. The default installation now automatically sets of /var as a separate ZFS data set, Laurent writes.
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01 Dec 2011 Dual Boot Oracle Solaris 11/11 and Linux [25005]
A -Start-to-finish Procedure for Users Requiring Dual OSes

"Please back up your data carefully before trying any of this" is the prudent caution blogger Hartmut Streppel offers in his post "Dual Boot Oracle Solaris 11/11 and Linux (Ubuntu 11.10/grub2)." Beginning with the uninstall of Oracle Solaris 11 Express and an Open SuSE installation and then consulting the web, Streppel found instructions on the dual boot of Linux and Windows. He also found that Ubuntu needs an active partition and that grub2 uses a different numbering scheme for the partitions. Finally, using the grub CLI and a tool from, Streppel confirmed the correctness of his basic setup.
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