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22 Sep 2010 MySQL 5.5 Release Candidate [23506]
Improves Performance and Scalability of Applications Across OSes

The release candidate for MySQL 5.5 is now available for download. Users can expect to experience improvements in performance, scalability, availability, and usability in this latest release. “The availability of MySQL 5.5 release candidate is a testament to Oracle’s focus on helping not only LAMP users, but also Windows users maximize the performance and reliability of critical application environments while reducing cost," commented Edward Screven, Oracle’s Chief Corporate Architect.
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24 Jul 2010 A Petabyte: Not as Much as You Might Think [23307]
So Don't Waste What You Do Have: Oracle Unified Storage

From the days of thinking a petabyte of storage was unattainable and unnecessary to the present, when a petabyte is scarcely enough, follow along with Marc Hamilton whose blog on the subject leads readers, finally, to what he recommends as the solution: Oracle Sun Unified Storage.
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30 Apr 2009 Upcoming MySQL Webinars [21749]
Informative Technical and Not so Technical Live Discussions on MySQL

Multiple live webinars on MySQL topics are scheduled through out the month of May. The following topics are set to be covered:

  • Memcached Technical Deep Dive
  • Scaling MySQL for Data Warehousing with Infobright
  • MySQL and Search at Craigslist
  • Controlling Storage Costs of Rich Media for Web
  • For Commercial ISVs and OEMs: Securely and Seamlessly Deploy MySQL with Your Application
  • Running MySQL Web Services on Sun Systems with Intel Xeon 5500 Processors
  • Guide to Open Source Data Warehousing for Communications Service Providers
  • For Commercial ISVs: The New MySQL Connector/C++
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19 Mar 2009 Defining Open Storage [21469]
A Useful Perspective on the Technology

"Open storage refers to storage systems built with an open architecture using industry-standard hardware and open-source software," writes Aaron Newcomb in his blog entitled "What Is Open Storage Anyway?" He continues with comments on open source software, open standards and open architecture, all in an effort to address the concerns potential users might have concerning the illusion that reliability is a quality found only in the proprietary realm.
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11 Mar 2009 Major Internet Sites Rely on Sun IT Infrastructure to Do Business [21395]
Sun Startup Essentials, Try and Buy Programs Make Migration Easy

A number of the leading Internet sites in the world rely on Sun IT infrastructure to serve their customers. The sites include Wikipedia, SmugMug, eBay, NBC for its Olympics coverage, Internet Brands and Betfair. Details are available in a Sun feature article.
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