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14 Nov 2015 South Florida ISSA [47500]
Thursday, November 19th, 2015: 6:00 PM to ...

NSU - Ft. Lauderdale

Talk One Speaker: Laz Macias; Talk One Speaker Bio: Laz Macias, CISSP CCSK is a Solutions Architect with Netskope. With over 12 years of Security experience with companies such as VMware, Airwatch, and Dell. His focus has been Enterprise Auditing software, Single Sign on, Mobile and Cloud Security. Laz holds a Masters Degree in Information Security with several industry leading security certifications. ; We will also be having our elections and presentation of our latest Senior Members.

Michael Brown, Mike McDonough
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26 May 2014 Top 4 open source LDAP implementations [36637]
Emidio Stani

Emidio writes, "When you want to set up an application, most likely you will need to create an administrative account and add users with different privileges. This scenario happens frequently with content management, wiki, file sharing, and mailing lists as well as code versioning and continuous integration tools. When thinking about user and group centralization, you will need to select an application that fits your needs.

If the application can connect to a Single Sign On server, users happy will be happy to remember only one password.

In the proprietary landscape of directory servers, Active Directory is the dominant tool, but there are directory servers that can also satisfy your needs..."
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05 Dec 2013 Oracle Releases Oracle Linux 6.5 [33900]
Includes Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3, Integration of DTrace, Linux Containers Support, and More

Oracle Linux 6.5 includes the innovative Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3, installed by default, to enable immediate access to the latest Linux features and enhancements. The only Linux distribution to support DTrace, Oracle Linux now offers complete integration with this popular dynamic tracing framework for superior observability, troubleshooting, and performance analysis. In addition to numerous other enhancements, it also offers production support for Linux Containers, enabling operating system virtualization.

With Oracle Linux 6.5, the latest Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3 is installed as the default kernel, enabling customers and partners to test, validate and certify against the most up-to-date Oracle Linux distribution.

Freely available for download from Oracle's Software Delivery Cloud, Oracle Linux 6.5 features full integration with DTrace, support for Linux Containers, and InfiniBand updates.

Oracle Linux 6.5 also includes new security features such as: the ability for applications to share a cryptographic data store that crypto toolkits can use for processing trusted certificates; and smartcard authentication support in a larger number of application subsystems for single sign on (SSO).

Oracle Linux provides the performance and reliability to support business-critical workloads such as Oracle Database 12c, and is available on all x86-based Oracle Engineered Systems.

For details, see the "Oracle Linux" page.
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24 Jul 2012 Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2 Now Available [27021]
First Identity Management Platform Optimized to Secure the New Digital Experience

Oracle has announced the availability of Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2, whose new and enhanced features optimized to secure the new digital experience enable organizations to securely embrace cloud, mobile and social infrastructures and reach new user communities to help further expand and develop their businesses. Oracle Identity Management 11g Release 2 consolidates elements of Oracle’s entire portfolio of Identity Management offerings into three main categories designed to help customers reach a new equilibrium in performance and operational scale.

The categories include: Oracle Identity Governance; Oracle Access Management; and Oracle Directory Services
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20 Nov 2009 Federating to Salesforce CRM with OpenSSO [22556]
Make the Most of Software as a Service

"Federating to Salesforce CRM with OpenSSO" explains how to simultaneously control access to in-house applications and those hosted by the software as a service (SaaS) provider Salesforce by using OpenSSO. SaaS, a way of delivering applications over the Internet, employs a delivery model in which a commercial vendor develops the software, hosts its operations, provides Internet-based access, and supports applications for its end users and customers.
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