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24 Feb 2012 Oracle Posts SPEC SFS Benchmark [25525]
Crushes Netapp Comparable

Oracle scored another triumph in its campaign to dominate OpenStorage with its SPC-1 benchmark result that was 2X faster at half the cost of NetApp. The systems involved were Oracle's 7320 and two NetApp systems, 3270 and 3160. Blogger Darius Zanganeh attributes this level of performance to Oracle's superior engineering and its use of the Hybrid Storage Pool in the ZFS Storage Appliance.
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15 Oct 2011 Three Updates for the Oracle Storage Group Solutions [24755]
Enhance the Edge for ZFS Storage Appliance Performance

The three announcements just released by Oracle concerning the Oracle Storage Group are ample testimonial to the superiority of Oracle's storage solutions. For example, results in the SPC Benchmark-1 (SPC-1) for best-in-class performance and price/performance; the ZFS Storage Appliance, now with Oracle Database Hybrid Columnar Compression now delivers 3-5 times the storage efficiency over all competitive products; and the availability of 15K RPM 300 Gigabyte (GB) and 600 GB SAS-2 high performance drives for the ZFS Storage 7120 appliance all lend distinction to Oracle Storage solutions for their superior performance.
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03 Oct 2011 Third-Generation Sun ZFS Storage 7420 Appliances Delivers Best-in-Class Performance and Efficiency [24696]
Outperforms NetApp’s FAS 3270A on SPC-1 Benchmark

The third-generation Sun ZFS Storage 7420 Appliance, newly announced by Oracle, delivered twice the performance at less than half the cost per SPC-1 IOPS of NetApp’s FAS 3270A on the SPC-1 benchmark. The Sun ZFS Storage 7420 Appliance turned in a result of 137,066 SPC-1 input/output operations per second (IOPS) at $2.99/ SPC-1 IOPS more than doubles the NetApp 3270A’s 68,035 SPC-1 IOPS at a fraction of its $7.48/ SPC-1 IOPS.
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