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06 Dec 2010 Oracle Processor Core Factor for SPARC Systems [23739]
SPARC64 VII+ Now a Core Multiplicator of 0.5

For many systems, the cost of the solution can be dominated by the Oracle license fee. A systems solution with CPUs that have a lower Core Processor Licensing Factor may end up with a lower overall cost than one with a smaller number cores that have a higher Oracle Licensing Factor (aka multiplier).

Oracle has set the multiplier for the newest SPARC chips - the SPARC T3 and the SPARC64 VII+ - very aggressively. The SPARC T3 has a multiplier of 0.25 - the same as the 1.0 GHz UltraSPARC T1 (as featured in the T1000 and T2000). The SPARC64 VII+ has a multiplier of 0.5, which is less than the 0.75 multiplier of the UltraSPARC IV, IV+ or the SPARC64 VI, VII which powered older systems like the V490, E6900 and E25k servers.

Note: the IBM POWER6 and POWER7 systems have a multiplier of 1.0. The latest AMD and Intel systems a have multiplier 0.5, twice that of the SPARC T3.
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12 Apr 2010 Auto Service Request and Network Services for Sun Systems and Storage [23026]
Helps Improve System Availability, Save Time, and Reduce Costs

Auto Service Request (ASR) is a secure, scalable, customer-installable software feature of warranty and SunSpectrum support that provides auto-case generation when specific hardware faults occur in Sun systems. For Sun storage, network services can be induced so specific services can be performed remotely in order to increase service availability, reduce administration time, maintain storage system performance, and manage data center environments more efficiently. To check which Sun products qualify, there is a wiki page for ASR Systems (servers) and a general product information page on network services for Storage products.
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22 Jan 2010 Choosing SPARC or Intel Processors [22702]
Here Are Some Issues to Ponder

Are the advances in Intel processor design edging SPARC processors out of the marketplace, asks Karim Berrah in a recent blog entitled "SPARC or Intel?" He offers some points of comparison that result in a necessarily ambiguous conclusion, as each processor has advantages in its favor, according to him.
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05 Jan 2010 Sun/Oracle Solution Ups Transaction Capacity by 52x for StubHub [22451]
Just the Ticket for Rapidly Growing Company

StubHub, an eBay affiliate, and the world's largest ticket marketplace, upgraded a mission-critical, online transaction processing (OLTP) database from Oracle 9i Real Application Clusters (RAC) to Oracle 10g RAC. To take advantage of high scalability and mainframe-class performance, StubHub also moved the database from a 32-bit platform to a 64-bit platform with Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 servers running the Solaris 10 Operating System.
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15 Dec 2009 2.88GHz Quad-core SPARC64 VII Processor/Memory Boards [22621]
Available on All M8000/M9000 Servers

A new quad-core 8 thread SPARC64 VII processor operating at 2.88GHz are now available on all M8000/M9000 servers and offered as field-install X-options and upgrades. It includes 6MB L2 cache. The 2.88GHz SPARC64 VII quad-core options can be mixed and matched in the SPARC Enterprise M8000 and M9000 servers with the current SPARC64 VI (2.28 or 2.4GHz) and SPARC64 VII (2.52GHz) options.
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