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15 Aug 2016 Disaster Recovery with a Future-Ready Infrastructure [55404]
Empire Life modernizes its IT infrastructure and decreases recovery times from days to hours with the Fujitsu M10 server.

The ability to rapidly and completely recover from a major disaster is a must-have in any IT environment today. Companies must safeguard their internal data as well as that of their customers and be able to resume business quickly after an interruption in service. For insurance companies, which offer critical services in times of need, disaster recovery capabilities are even more imperative.

When Canada's Empire Life Insurance Company sought to replace its aging infrastructure with one that would enable it to be better prepared for worst-case scenarios, it chose to consolidate on the Fujitsu M10-1 server with the SPARC64 X+ processor.
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22 Aug 2015 See Fujitsu M10 Software on Chip Crypto Acceleration in Action [45367]
Torrey Martin, Fujitsu M10 Product Specialist

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27 Jul 2015 Videos: Fujitsu M10 on YouTube [44497]
Three new videos

Check out these three YouTube videos on the Fujitsu M10 Servers:

Modernize and Innovate with Fujitsu M10 Servers

The most advanced server Fujitsu M10 - Introduction

Fujitsu M10 Servers: Extreme Consolidation Platform

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13 Apr 2015 Faster Processors for Fujitsu M10-1 and M10-4 Servers [41995]
Torrey Martin

Torrey Martin, Fujitsu M10 Product Specialist, writes, "We have come a long way with SPARC64, both the architecture and the systems around the chips.

First the news, then my story.

We just released the next step in the SPARC64 story this month. The power of the highest performance SPARC64 X+ processor is now available for space-saving Fujitsu M10-1 and compact, mid-range Fujitsu M10-4 servers. With the new 3.7GHz 8-core processor, performance improvements of up to 30 percent per core are available..."
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08 Apr 2015 Enhanced SPARC64 X+ Processor for Fujitsu M10 Servers [41790]
By John Shell

John writes, "More choice = more opportunity.

A new 3.7GHz SPARC64 X+ 8-core processor option is now available for the Fujitsu M10-1 and M10-4 servers. The SPECint_rate2006 benchmark shows a 30% increase in performance for the M10-1, and a 25% increase for the M10-4.

The Fujitsu M10 servers are designed to meet the needs of mission critical and business critical applications. Combined with Oracle Solaris, they provide excellent investment protection for Oracle customers. A quick comparison of the SPARC64 X and X+ processors is below:..."
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