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09 Oct 2014 ECS electraSWITCH On Oracle SPARC T5 [38712]
5x Better Performance, Linear Scaling

"ElectraCard Services, a MasterCard company, and Oracle recently conducted joint performance tests of electraSWITCH iTX on Oracle SPARC T-series servers with customer transaction mixes for Switching, ATM Transactions and Authorization Transactions. The measured results on the SPARC T5-4 were 5X better than previous results on the SPARC T4-4 showed near-linear scaling.

electraSWITCH 10 iTX from ElectraCard Services is a powerful payment processing application software that acquires, authenticates and routes financial transactions from multiple channels such as ATM, POS terminals, mobiles, IVR and kiosks to account management hosts, utility companies, service providers and interchanges such as MasterCard, Visa or domestic networks.

Oracle's SPARC T-servers running Oracle Solaris 11 are cost-effective, highly efficient cloud infrastructure platforms optimized to accelerate enterprise applications, delivering extreme performance and outstanding virtualization capabilities in a compact design.

The following three real world workloads were run to measure how well these combinations of hardware and software could perform while supporting a very high OLTP load..."
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12 Nov 2013 Korea Enterprise Data Consolidates 20 Servers to One Platform [33640]
Improves System Response Time by 20x, and Lowers Total Cost of Ownership

Korea Enterprise Data (KED) is a leading supplier of business credit reports on Korean midsize enterprises, including credit evaluations and ratings, financial statements, and credit history checks.

The company implemented Oracle's SPARC T4-4 server with Oracle SuperCluster T4-4 to consolidate 20 servers into a single platform, and built a next-generation credit analysis system to improve data quality and reliability. KED also deployed Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage 7420 and Sun ZFS Storage 7320 appliances to provide data storage and backup for Oracle SuperCluster. The company improved system response time by 20x, completed data backups 7x faster, achieved 10x data compression, and improved customer satisfaction.
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20 Jun 2013 A closer look at the new T5 TPC-H result [31496]
By Stefan Hinker

Stefan Hinker writes, "You've probably all seen the new TPC-H benchmark result for the SPARC T5-4 submitted to TPC on June 7. Our benchmark guys over at "BestPerf" have already pointed out the major takeaways from the result. However, I believe there's more to make note of.

TPC doesn't promote the comparison of TPC-H results with different storage sizes. So let's just look at the 3000GB results:

  • SPARC T4-4 with 4 CPUs (that's 32 cores at 3.0 GHz) delivers 205,792 QphH.
  • SPARC T5-4 with 4 CPUs (that's 64 cores at 3.6 GHz) delivers 409,721 QphH.

That's just 1863 QphH or 0.45% short of 100% scalability if you'd expect a doubling of cores to deliver twice the result. Of course, one could expect to see a factor of 2.4, taking the increased clockrate into account. That would set the bar to 493901 QphH, and the SPARC T5-4 would be at 83% of that. So what didn't scale? Most likely the storage! Let's look at that a little closer:.."
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22 Apr 2013 SPARC T5 Systems Net Oracle TimesTen Benchmark World Record [30522]
Delivers 2.2X Higher Throughput than Intel Xeon E7-4870 Processor

The SPARC T5 processor delivered significantly faster performance than systems based on other processors in benchmarking tests of Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database. On the TimesTen Performance Throughput Benchmark (TPTBM) read-only workload, the SPARC T5 processor achieved 2.2 times higher throughput than the Intel Xeon E7-4870 processor and 3.8x more throughput than a SPARC T5-2 Server, producing a world record 59.9 million read transactions per second. On the Mobile Call Processing test, the SPARC T5 processor achieved 2.4 times more throughput than the Intel Xeon E7-4870 processor. The SPARC T5-2 server delivers 2.4x the performance of the SPARC T4-2 server in the same space.
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22 Apr 2013 SPARC T5-2 Scores Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Benchmark World Record Performance [30433]
Processes 25 Million Accounts in 150 Minutes

A SPARC T5-2 server running Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Release 12 and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) Database 11g Release 2 processed 25 million accounts in 150 minutes for the End of Month workloads with an average utilization of 55% and 196 minutes utilizing 20 cores with an average cpu utilization of 85%. In 56 minutes this configuration processed 25 million accounts for the End of Day workload utilizing just 20 cores and, further, achieved twice the throughput compared to a SPARC T4-4 server. The configuration processed 10.14 million accounts in 28 minutes with an average cpu utilization of 72% on a single server.
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