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04 Dec 2008 Good News from Sun Marketing [20967]
December 2008

Each month Sun Marketing publishes "Good News" about Sun. This month there are 14 items in three groups:

  • Customers Choose Sun: Sun Fire Servers, Sun StorageTek Storage Arrays, HPC technologies, Sun Lustre File System, Solaris 10, Sun SPARC Enterprise Servers, Sun Application Readiness Service
  • Leading Market Conversations: Open Source and Commoditization, Gartner Research on HPC, JavaFX, Partner Advantage Program, Open Access Channel Program,
  • Product Reviews Underscore Innovation: Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems, Sun's Virtualization Strategy, MySQL 5.1, StarOffice 9 and, Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440

A two-page PDF of Sun's "Good News" is available in English and several other languages.
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01 Dec 2008 Coolthreads And Containers Come to Comverse Technology, Inc. [20949]
Helps Software Provider Achieve 16:1 Footprint Reduction

Comverse Technology, Inc. gave eight Netra 240 servers a try and gives an account of their experience. Sun released its first server line based on the revolutionary Chip Multithreading or the CoolThreads processor design.
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