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23 Dec 2009 Sun Flash Accelerator F20 PCIe Card [22674]
Delivers I/O Performance Equaling up to 300 Disk Drives

The Sun Flash Accelerator F20 PCIe Card is a Flash PCIe card with an integrated disk controller that increases server storage I/O and application performance. Targeted at I/O intensive applications, such as databases with 4K block aligned workloads, the Sun Flash Accelerator delivers I/O performance equaling that of up to 300 disk drives, Sun reports.
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16 Nov 2009 "Deploying Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition" [22560]
With Sun Servers, Solaris, Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems

An enterprise deployment architecture for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition using Sun servers running Solaris and Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage systems is described in a Sun BluePrints article. The architecture brings fault tolerance, security, resiliency and performance to enterprise deployments, and can be used to consolidate multiple tiers onto a single system through the use of key virtualization technologies.
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28 Oct 2009 Sun Partner Advantage Program Refreshes Development Hardware Offering [22485]
Portfolio Adds New Technologies to Price List

The Sun Partner Advantage Program for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) has some new development hardware offerings that include Sun Ultra 27 Assemble to Order (ATO); Sun Fire X2270, X4170 X4270, and X4275 Servers ATO; standard configurations for the Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000, T5120, T5140, T5220, and T5240 Servers; among others. As part of this program, qualified Sun partners are able to purchase products, such as these, at discounted rates.
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07 Jul 2009 Logical Domains 1.2 Released with Nine New Features [22070]
Sun's Server Hardware Virtualization & Partitioning Technology for CoolThreads Servers

Logical Domains (LDoms) provides built-in virtualization capabilities for Sun's CoolThreads Servers. Recently released Version 2.1 provides support for:

  • CPU power management
  • jumbo frames
  • configuring domain dependencies
  • autorecovery of configurations
  • export of same backend multiple times
  • physical-to-virtual migration tool and
  • configuration assistant tools.

Other features and multiple bug fixes also have been implemented. LDoms 1.2 software is supported on the OpenSolaris 2009.06 release, Solaris 10 05/09 and earlier Solaris 10 patched versions.
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16 Mar 2009 32GB SSDs Offered in Nine Sun Blade and Sun SPARC Enterprise Servers [21461]
Easily Placed in HDD Slots for Instant Performance Improvements

When compared to traditional hard disk drives, Sun Enterprise Solid-State Drive (SSD) delivers 70 times faster response time, 38% less power/GB, 98% less power/IO, and more shock resistance. Nine Sun server systems now offering 2.5-inch 32GB SATA SSD) include Sun Blade X6250, 6320, 6340, 6450, and Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120, T5140, T5220, T5240, T5440. Currently SSDs are available only as X-options and for inclusion in the ATO (assemble to order) process.
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