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03 Mar 2009 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 and T5440 Servers Outperform HP Superdome on SPECjAppServer2004 [21381]
Sun Delivers in JOPS and Power Consumption

In a BM Seer report on Sun hardware performance results for the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 and T5440 servers on the SPECjAppServer 2004 JOPS@Standard benchmarking tests, he notes that four Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140 servers and one Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 server delivered a result of 9500.76, outperforming the HP competition.
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06 Jan 2009 Review of News for 2008 - 1 of 3 [21157]
50 Most Popular Topics, 900 Most Popular Articles

By accessing the web logs, we have determined that the following list of about 900 articles were the most popular with subscribers and web site visitors in 2008.

We have grouped the articles by topic to give you a view of what were the most important news articles for 2008. That a topic had enough popular articles to be included in this of topics is in itself significant.

Part 1 of 3

29 Dec 2008 Sun Servers Product Guide [21106]
Single 18-Page Dcoument Cover All of Sun's Servers

Sun brings more than 20 years of systems expertise and innovative thinking to their line of servers. Sun’s servers provide the performance, scalability, energy efficiency, and cost effectiveness that help meet the business needs in HPC, virtualization, and eco or energy efficiency. With Sun’s complete family of servers -- Sun Blade servers, Netra servers, and entry-level, mid-range, and high-end servers -- a truly flexible IT ecosystem is a reality. Sun offers a get a choice of processors -- SPARC, UltraSPARC, AMD Opteron, or Intel Xeon -- and operating systems -- Solaris, Linux, or Windows. When you build your datacenter on a solid foundation of Sun servers, you can expect maximum ROI and minimum TCO.

A compact, comprehensive guide to Sun's servers is now available.
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