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17 Apr 2017 New SPARC Cloud Offerings and Secure Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Service [62690]
By Javier Puerta

Javier blogs, "Learn about the different SPARC-based cloud solutions. Acquaint yourself with a new on-premises cloud offering called Secure Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure as a Service which implements SPARC Enterprise.

Watch the video..."
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12 Nov 2013 Focus on Oracle Solaris [33641]
Solaris Sessions from Oracle OpenWorld 2013

Solaris talks from Oracle OpenWorld 2013:

General Sessions

  • Oracle Solaris Strategy, Engineering Insights, and Roadmap
  • What's New with Oracle Engineered Systems


  • Building an Ultrafast, Scalable, Multithreaded, Multiprocess Server
  • Best Practices for Maintaining and Upgrading Oracle Solaris
  • Customer Panel: Oracle Solaris in Action
  • Getting Unbeatable App Performance on SPARC Enterprise M-Series and SPARC T-Series Servers
  • Why Oracle Solaris Is the Best UNIX for Oracle Database and Oracle WebLogic
  • How to Set Up a Public Key Infrastructure for Secure Shell and PuTTY
  • Why Oracle Fusion Middleware Runs Best on Oracle Solaris
  • Oracle Solaris Panel: Insights and Directions from Oracle Solaris Engineering
  • Oracle Solaris 11 Best Practices for Software Lifecycle Management
  • ISV Panel: Oracle Solaris and ISV Insights
  • Ten Key Solaris Zones Differentiators Enhancing Cloud Platforms
  • Consolidate Databases and Provide Dynamic Quality of Services
  • Compliance and Security: Least Complexity, Lowest Risk with Oracle Solaris

See the website for links to talks and/or slides.
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01 Oct 2013 SPARC M6-32 Delivers Oracle E-Business and PeopleSoft World Record Benchmarks [33003]
Linear Data Warehouse Scaling in a Virtualized Configuration

This result demonstrates how the combination of Oracle virtualization technologies for SPARC and Oracle's SPARC M6-32 server allow the deployment and concurrent high performance execution of multiple Oracle applications and databases sized for the Enterprise.

In an 8-chip Dynamic Domain (also known as PDom), the SPARC M6-32 server set a World Record E-Business 12.1.3 X-Large world record with 14,660 online users running five simultaneous E-Business modules.

In a second 8-chip Dynamic Domain, the SPARC M6-32 server set a World Record PeopleSoft HCM 9.1 HR Self-Service online supporting 34,000 users while simultaneously running a batch workload in 29.7 minutes. This was done with a database of 600,480 employees. In a separate test running a batch-only workload was run in 21.2 min.

In a third Dynamic Domain with 16-chips on the SPARC M6-32 server, a data warehouse test was run that showed near-linear scaling.
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08 Nov 2012 How to Migrate Oracle Database 10 From Oracle Solaris 8 to Oracle Solaris 11 [28394]
Using the Oracle Solaris 8 P2V (Physical to Virtual) Tool

Orgad Kimchi has created a procedure for migrating Oracle Database from Oracle Solaris 8 to Oracle Solaris 11. His procedure utilizes the Oracle Solaris 8 P2V (physical to virtual) Archiver tool to migrate a physical Oracle Solaris 8 system with Oracle Database and an Oracle Automatic Storage Management file system located on SAN storage connected via a Fibre Channel HBA into an Oracle Solaris 8 branded zone inside an Oracle Solaris 10 guest domain on top of an Oracle Solaris 11 control domain. Kimchi demonstrates both how to preserve the host information and how to modify the host name.
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31 Aug 2012 Oracle's SPARC T4-2 Produces World Record Oracle Essbase Aggregate Storage Benchmark [27426]
Bests Mark Set by SPARC Enterprise M5000 Server

Oracle's SPARC T4-2 Server (2 cpus), configured with a Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array and running Oracle Solaris 10 with Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Essbase, outperformed Oracle's SPARC Enterprise M5000 server (4 cpus) with Oracle Essbase on Oracle Solaris 10 by 80%, 32% and 2x performance improvement on Data Loading, Default Aggregation and Usage Based Aggregation, respectively. The SPARC T4-2 server achieved sub-second query response times for 20,000 users in a 15 dimension database and aggregated and stored values for a 15 dimension cube in 398 minutes with 16 threads and in 484 minutes with 8 threads.
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