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08 Oct 2015 MLB Network Leads Off with Oracle to Chronicle Baseball History and Expand Programming [46493]
Oracle DIVArchive and Oracle's StorageTek Storage Support Fast Access to Daily Programming and Game Footage from Every Angle

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19 Mar 2014 What's the #1 Ranked Tape Library? [35396]
SL8500 is DCIG Selection

Chris Ilg, Storage Product Marketing at Oracle, writes, "Having been working in the IT industry for 27 years, I've seen my share of outrageous vendor claims. In fact, it is one my biggest pet peeves about our industry. How many times have you seen XYZ vendor claiming their solution is 'industry leading', 'best-in-class', 'world class' or 'leading edge' without providing any empirical evidence to back up that claim ...

That's why I'm proud to say that DCIG, whose tagline is 'empowering the IT industry with actionable analysis,' recently ranked #1 the Oracle StorageTek SL8500 enterprise tape library in their 2014 Big Data Tape Library Buyer's Guide. According to DCIG ..."
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12 Sep 2013 StorageTek T10000D Tape Drive [32828]
8.5 TB of native capacity per cartridge; 252 MB/sec

Oracle has introduced the StorageTek T10000D Tape Drive, the "Industry's Fastest, Highest Capacity Tape Drive, Ideally Suited For Cloud, Big Data and Enterprise Archive Environments."

Oracle says, the "StorageTek T10000D tape drive shatters existing capacity and performance speeds, dramatically reducing the number of cartridges, slots, and library modules required to archive and retrieve data. With up to 8.5 TB of native capacity per cartridge and native data rates of 252 MB/sec, the StorageTek T10000D tape drive stores and retrieves more than 3x the data per cartridge and offers 57 percent faster native throughput than LTO-6. With 3:1 compression, it can achieve data rates more than 19 percent faster than the IBM TS1140, while storing more than twice the data per cartridge.

Deployed in the Oracle StorageTek SL8500 tape library system, the StorageTek T10000D enables customers to scale in excess of 68 exabytes of capacity under a single point of management..."
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31 Jan 2013 Over 3 Exabytes of Media for StorageTek T10000C Tape Drives Shipped [29593]
Tape Storage Is Alive and Well at Oracle

Oracle has announced the shipment of over 3 Exabytes (EB) of media for its StorageTek T10000C Tape Drives, tripling the capacity shipped a year ago. Oracle’s StorageTek Tape Analytics and the StorageTek SL-series of tape libraries, including the SL8500, SL3000, and the SL150 are also experiencing very strong demand, delivering double-digit revenue growth in Q2FY13. Oracle continues to expand its tape portfolio, introducing three new products in the last nine months: Oracle’s StorageTek SL150 Modular Tape Library, Oracle’s StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 6 and Oracle’s StorageTek LTO 6 Tape Drives. Oracle continues to demonstrate leadership and growth in the tape storage market.
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14 Jan 2013 Two New Tape Drives for StorageTek SL8500 and SL3000 Tape Libraries [29279]
StorageTek LTO 6 Tape Drives Feature Fibre Channel Connectivity

Oracle has announced the availability of StorageTek LTO 6 Tape Drives with Fibre Channel connectivity for its StorageTek SL8500 and SL3000 Tape Libraries. With these drives, customers can enjoy both the latest generation of LTO midrange tape drive technology and the industry’s highest capacity enterprise tape drive, Oracle’s StorageTek T10000C. Furthermore, with LTO 6 now supported in the StorageTek SL8500 enterprise tape library, Oracle offers the most scalable LTO tape solution available. For maximum flexibility Oracle StorageTek enterprise tape library customers can mix and match StorageTek LTO tape drives and StorageTek T10000 series enterprise tape drives in the same tape library.
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