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18 May 2017 SDN In The Enterprise [63516]
Network Computing, May 18th 2017

"At Interop ITX, enterprise IT practitioners talk about implementing software-defined networking.

The hype around software-defined networking used to be inescapable; today, some vendors even steer clear on the term. But a panel at Interop ITX showed that the technology is still very much alive and changing the way enterprises run their networks.

'If you watched the Super Bowl on Fox, you watched SDN,' Thomas Edwards, VP of engineering and development at FOX Networks Engineering & Operations. "We use SDN to have fine-grained control over packets on our network," he said, explaining how the company uses SDN to move compressed videos to its regional networks..."
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18 May 2017 Addressing SDN Security Challenges Means Securing The Controller [63474]
SearchSDN, May 18th 2017

"SDN security challenges become more of a concern, as deployments bring vulnerabilities to the forefront. But vendors and researchers are creating SDN products with security in mind.

Software-defined networks are no more immune from attack than traditionally managed networks. A long and continuing series of attacks has revealed many areas of network vulnerability, but SDN is a relatively new technology that is just beginning to be deployed widely. As such, any SDN security challenges and vulnerabilities, in addition to those that have been revealed in earlier network technologies, must be carefully considered and addressed..."
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08 May 2017 SD-WAN Steps Up As An IoT Enabler [63280]
CIO, May 8th 2017

"The SD-WAN market is ready for takeoff, with significant business and network upsides...

Unlike the software-defined network (SDN) - which is like network virtualization on steroids, but primarily datacenter-based - the software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) is essentially application routing capabilities for WANs, primarily everywhere but the data center. And it is getting a lot of market traction. While the forecasts vary wildly, SD-WAN will see only more growth as the Internet of Things (IoT) really starts to take off..."
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26 Apr 2017 CloudSeeds Selects Juniper Networks' Solutions for Self-Serve, Agile Business Services [62870]
Juniper Networks, April 26th 2017

Juniper's SDN, Networking and Security Portfolio Provide IaaS Foundation in Combination with Powerful Juniper AppFormix Analytics Solution

Juniper Networks, an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, announced that CloudSeeds, a provider of flexible hosted and on-premises clouds, is building a new infrastructure for its portfolio of turnkey Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) data center solutions, based on Juniper's Contrail Networking software-defined networking (SDN) solution. CloudSeeds' overriding aim is to create reusable, automated physical and virtual cloud infrastructures, enabling its customers to focus on their core business and to derive significant IT cost savings.
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24 Apr 2017 Data Center SDN Transition Can Help With DCI, SD-WAN And 5G [62826]
Search SDN, April 24th 2017

Most SDN connections run less than 100 feet within one data center. The mission now is to move data center SDN into broader network uses, like DCI, SD-WAN, 5G wireless and CDNs

"Networks span the globe, connecting billions of users and devices. The average software-defined network connection is less than 100 feet, entirely within a single data center. It's hard to look at these two details and think software-defined networking, or SDN, is living up to its potential.

As cloud computing grows, cloud data centers will employ even more SDN. But will more data center success mean SDN has entered its golden age?..."
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