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13 Aug 2017 DATA AFTER HOURS: Business Intelligence & Analytics [65546]
Thursday, August 17th, 2017: 6:00 PM to ...

Palm Beach Tech Space - West Palm Beach

en Underwood, founder of Impact Analytix, LLC, is a recognized analytics industry expert. She has a unique blend of product management, design and over 20 years of 'hands-on' development of data warehouses, reporting, visualization and advanced analytics solutions.

In addition to keeping a constant pulse on industry trends, she enjoys digging into oceans of data. Jen is honored to be an IBM Analytics Insider, SAS contributor, former Tableau Zen Master, and active analytics community member.

Audrey Hammonds, Johann Beukes, Joseph Russo, Stephanie Buzano
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08 Aug 2017 Smart Modular Introducing Osmium Drive, 50TB 3.5-Inch SAS SSD [65507], August 8th, 2017

"SMART Modular Technologies, a subsidiary of SMART Global Holdings, Inc., introduced the Osmium Drive. The Osmium Drive is a high-capacity SAS SSDe in a 3.5 inch form-factor.

This MLC-based solid state drive can be integrated into current systems for cloud storage, big data, digital imaging, artificial intelligence computing and other data-intensive data center applications.

The Osmium Drive combines capacity and power efficiency unmatched by conventional HDDs, and is available in capacities of 25TB and 50TB.

With up to 50TB of flash in a single 3.5-inch SAS drive enclosure, the Osmium Drive offers over three times the capacity of most competing SSDs on the market while consuming one-eighth the power per terabyte compared to nearline HDDs..."
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31 Jul 2017 Seagate Enterprise Performance 10K v9 HDD Review (SAS, 2.5", 2.4TB) [65332], July 31st, 2017

"Seagate Technology has released yet another version of its 10,000 RPM, SAS, 2.5" Enterprise Performance HDD, this being its ninth. Much like the previous versions, the latest is geared more for write-intensive applications.

One major change is that the drive now has upward capacity of 2.4TB (the previous generation topped out at 1.8TB). While this isn't nearly as high as one would see in a 3.5" drive, it is still a lot of capacity that can be put into a small footprint. Seagate offers a FIPS 140-2 model and a SED model in the smaller capacities..."
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23 Jul 2017 Viking Technology unveils world's biggest 50TB SSD [64953]
ZDNer, July 14th 2017

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports in ZDNer that "Viking Technology has unveiled a new Silo Solid State Drive with a record-breaking capacity of 50TB SSD.

The Silo SSD, which is part of Viking Technology's Ultra High-Capacity (UHC) family of products, enables significant data center space and power reduction compared to HDDs, while offering the same 3.5-inch form factor and standard SAS interface, which eases the migration to flash.

If 50TB seems too extravagant to you, Viking Technology have a more modest 25TB offering..."
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17 Jul 2017 Viking Technology Claims to Ship 6Gb SAS 50TB SSD [65058], July 17th 2017

"Viking Technology, a division of Sanmina Corporation, unveiled its UHC-Silo SSD that delivers flash performance with the industry's highest capacity (50TB).

It is part of the Ultra High-Capacity (UHC) family of Viking products, enabling data center space and power reduction compared to HDDs, while offering the same 3.5" form factor and standard SAS interface, easing the migration to flash. UHC-Silo SSD series, powered by a next generation flash processor, balances performance, capacity, cost, and energy efficiency, making it for applications such as cloud computing, big data, external storage systems, digital imaging and media, technical applications and cold storage..."
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