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09 Mar 2017 IBMers Showcase Paths to Success in 'New Collar' Careers [61361]
IBM, March 9th, 2017

Since pledging to hire 25,000 American workers by 2020, IBM, the country's largest technology employer, has been elevating stories of employees who have achieved success in 'new collar' jobs. These positions, in some of the technology industry's fastest growing fields, do not always require a four-year college degree, but rather the right mix of in-demand skills needed to get the job done.

"IBM is making the IT industry more inclusive. With our emphasis on new collar jobs, we are focused on hiring for capability, not just credentials," stated Sam Ladah, Vice President for Talent at IBM. "In fact, over the past few years, 10 to 15 percent of our U.S. hires did not have a traditional 4 year degree. An even larger percentage of our U.S. job openings do not necessarily require a four-year degree."
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19 Dec 2016 Dell EMC joins The Linux Foundation's OpenSDS Project [59065]
The company is also making its first code contribution to the project.

"Dell EMC is joining the OpenSDS Project, a Linux Foundation Collaborative project. To mark its commitment to the project, Dell EMC is contributing CoprHD SouthBound SDK (SB SDK) to the OpenSDS project. The SB SDK allows developers to build drivers and other tools with the assurance that they will be compatible with a wide variety of enterprise-class storage products.

The OpenSDS Project is one of the many open source projects that are part of the foundation's collaborative projects. Lately, the foundation has become a de facto body for companies to collaborate on their projects. I once asked Sam Ramji, the then CEO of Cloud Foundry (one of the largest Collaborative projects), about the benefits that projects get by being part of the foundation and he said that projects benefit from the huge community that the foundation has created..."
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02 Nov 2016 Best Practices For Mapping A Devops Transformation [57537], November 2nd, 2016

"We recently hosted another episode of our Continuous Discussions (#c9d9) podcast featuring expert panelists discussing best practices for mapping your DevOps journey.

Our expert panel included: Ilmari Kontulainen, CEO of Deveo; Mirco Hering, a passionate Agile and DevOps Change Agent; Prashant Kelker, Director - Digital Advisory Services, Information Services Group Inc; Scott Abate, a certified Agile project management professional; and, our very own Anders Wallgren and Sam Fell.

During the episode, panelists discussed the three major tenets of DevOps: people, tools, and process, detailing their own best practices and challenges within each. Read on for what they had to say!..."
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16 Oct 2016 Coders Cafe - Microsoft Bot Framework by Joe Homnick [57030]
Wednesday, October 19th, 2016: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Octagon Technology Staffing @ Axis - Ft. Lauderdale

Joe looks at how you can develop Bots, also known as Web Robots, apps that can run automated tasks over the internet. He'll demo using the Microsoft Bot Framework as a comprehensive offering to build and deploy high quality bots for your users to enjoy in their favorite conversation experiences. Developers writing bots all face the same problems: bots require basic I/O; they must have language and dialog skills; they must be performant, responsive and scalable; and they must connect to users - ideally in any conversation experience and language the user chooses.

Dave Noderer, David Crook, Rachel Terman, Sam Abraham
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03 Oct 2016 3 Public Cloud Fallacies: Busting The Myths [56763]
TechRepublic, October 3rd 2016

"Recently, Cloud Foundry Foundation CEO Sam Ramji made some strong statements against public cloud adoption. Here's a fact check.

Given the significant momentum behind public clouds like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, it's easy to forget that private cloud providers keep selling into enterprise data centers. Red Hat, for example, is making a tidy business straddling the transitional fence between private data centers and public cloud. So is Cloud Foundry, which led my friend and Cloud Foundry Foundation CEO Sam Ramji to push back on the suggestion that the cloud wars would end with Amazon controlling all..."
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