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12 Aug 2011 Questioning the Password Myth [24442]
Pass Phrases Are Better

Blogger Ben Rockwood ponders the question of passwords vs. pass phrases in a recent post and comes to the conclusion that the pass phrase is the superior animal. But not in all cases. Facebook, Google (Gmail/Youtube), Twitter (no spaces, though), Reddit, and Digg were happy enough with Rockwood's 29 character pass phrase (his four favorite things, in order, with spaces in between and the first character of each word capitalized; no digits, no punctuation) and even Yahoo accepted it, except for choosing Vietnamese as the language preference. His conclusion? Longer is better than more funky. So don't rely on the old standby: the same password for every site, especially one that is 6-8 characters (alpha and numeric) long. He also recommends for those managing systems that they turn on account locking and consider using Duo.
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01 Apr 2011 Illumos in the Cloud: What is Joyent Up to? [24067]
Deirdré Straughan

For years - decades, even - Sun Microsystems held some of the world’s greatest engineering talent fast in its cozy embrace. Then, as so often happens, acquisition unleashed a storm of change. A year later, a good deal of Sun's top talent has moved on, including some well-known names from Solaris engineering. I’m sure this tech diaspora will benefit the industry as a whole, as Sun talent spreads far and wide.

For three years at Sun, I worked closely with top Solaris engineers. Many became friends, so I have kept in touch with those who left, and kept an eye on where they went. A number of the best and brightest settled at a cloud computing company out of San Francisco, called Joyent.

Read on for more from Deirdré and a special offer from Joyent.
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27 Aug 2010 Takes on the Upcoming Oracle Solaris 11 [23419]
Two Points of View on Oracle's Plans for Solaris/OpenSolaris

"Disappointed" is probably not too strong a word to describe Ben Rockwood's response to the message John Fowler delivered Aug. 10 on the Oracle Systems Strategy Update. A considerably more sanguine assessment of Fowler's message, and of the prospects for OpenSolaris, was expressed by Constantin Gonzalez in his blog "Oracle Solaris 11 is the Future". This article highlights these two bloggers' views.
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23 Jul 2010 "How to Move an Oracle Solaris Container" [23266]
Three Scenarios Cover Basic Setups

"How to Move an Oracle Solaris Container," an Oracle white paper, instructs users, system administrators and developers experienced in the use of Oracle Solaris 10 on the procedure for moving an Oracle Solaris 10 container from one computer to another. The white paper leads readers a step at a time through this process, offering both code samples and illustrations.
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24 Jun 2010 Overcoming the Absence of ZFS in the Mac OS X Road Map [23207]
Step-by-step Method Enables Legal, Workable Installation

Given the removal of ZFS from the Mac OS X road map, Apple hardware (HW) users will welcome the method proposed in the blog "Installing Mac OS X in a ZFS Partition" by Karim Berrah, which allows Mac OS X to run in a native ZFS partition.
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