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11 Jan 2013 Top 10 Java Tech Articles Published by OTN in 2012 [29265]
Evidence for Growing Interest in JavaFX

In publishing a list of the top 10 Java Tech articles published by OTN in 2012 Tori Wieldt draws three conclusions: JavaFX, with six articles devoted to it, continues to gain interest; Java Embedded and Raspberry Pi is also generating considerable interest; as before, Adam Bien remains the most popular writer on Java EE. Other writers include Bill Courington and Gary Collins; Mark Heckler; James L. Weaver; Daniel Zwolenski; Geertjan Wielenga; and Janice J. Heiss. Wieldt provides links to each article in the post.
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17 Sep 2012 Who Makes The Best 802.11ac Router? [27784]
IT World September 12, 2012

"It's a tricky time to be in the market for a new wireless router. The safe bet is buy a model based on the tried-and-true, rock-solid 802.11n standard--and I recommend that you adopt that course if you're looking for a new router for your small business. Consumers, on the other hand, may fall in love with the blistering speed and phenomenal range that routers based on the second draft of the 802.11ac standard deliver..."
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04 Sep 2012 The Future of the SPARC T5 in Oracle's Big Iron Lineup [27510]
Timothy Prickett Morgan Reports from Hot Chips

Reporting on this year's Hot Chips event in Cupertino, CA, Timothy Prickett Morgan speculates on the future of the SPARC T5 chip in Oracle's apparent growing interest in big iron featuring multithreaded processors in terms of cores and sockets. In his view, the scalability enhancements coming from the SPARC T5 machines, sporting faster cores that can do superior single-threaded work, will be big enough for all but the absolutely largest Solaris workloads. Prickett Morgan devotes a substantial part of his article to looking at the history of the SPARC T3, T4 and T5 chips and their family resemblances.
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31 Mar 2012 vBeers West Palm Beach: After the April 3rd VMUG Conference [25810]
Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012: 5pm to 9pm

There will be two South Florida vBeers events this April. One will follow the VMUG conference which will be held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

The second will be on Thursday April 19th in Ft. Lauderdale at Beach Hotel or the Hard Rock. Details to follow.

I expect that many people from the conference will come to this vBeers event. This is a great opportunity to meet with other virtualization enthusiasts and professionals and enjoy discussing all things virtualization, and in fact anything else that comes up in conversation.

Don’t rush - arrive and depart at your convenience - people will be networking from 5pm to 9pm.
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14 Feb 2012 4 Disaster Recovery Tips for SMBs [25479]
InformationWeek February 14, 2012

"For some SMBs, that mix means cutting corners on things that have a blurrier link to the bottom line, like disaster recovery (DR) planning. Yet Snodgrass keeps DR top of mind because, well, he has to -- Granite Rock operates on the San Andreas Fault, where an earthquake isn't just possible -- it's probable. 'One of the challenges for us as a company is to have a disaster recovery plan that works and is affordable,' ..."
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