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14 Oct 2014 Researcher Builds System to Protect Against Malicious Insiders [38890]
ComputerWorld, October 14th, 2014

"When an employee turns on his own company, the results -- damaged networks, data theft and even work stoppage -- could be devastating.

It could rock the company even more than an outside attack because the insider knows where sensitive data is kept, what the passwords are and exactly how to hurt the company the most.

That's the driving force behind the work that Daphne Yao, associate professor of computer science at Virginia Tech, is doing on cybersecurity..."
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30 Jun 2014 Shadow apps: Turning SaaS risk into CIO strategy [37244]
SearchCIO, June 30th, 2014

"CIOs are between a rock and a hard place with respect to the adoption -- make that uncontrolled, unsanctioned adoption -- of SaaS apps by their business users. Turn a blind eye to the use of cloud-based apps by the business and CIOs may be putting their enterprises at greater risk of a data breach -- three times greater risk, according to a recent study from the Ponemon Institute.

Clamping down on shadow apps, on the other hand, risks being labeled a "CI-no," a rubric no CIO can afford to court, even for the sake of information security...."
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16 Apr 2014 The Real Wakeup Call from Heartbleed [35892]
Help Net Security, April 16th, 2014

"There's nothing special about Heartbleed. It's another flaw in a popular library that exposed a lot of servers to attack. The danger lies in the way software libraries are built and whether they can be trusted.

In case you live under a rock, a serious security flaw was disclosed last week in the widely used OpenSSL library. On a threat scale of 1 to 10, well known security expert Bruce Schneier rated it an 11. Essentially, an attacker can send a "heartbeat" request that tricks the server into sending random memory contents back to the attacker. If the attacker gets lucky, that memory contains interesting secrets like passwords, session IDs, Social Security numbers, or even the server's private SSL key..."
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07 Apr 2014 Nexenta Disrupts Storage Market with the First Enterprise-class Software Defined Storage Solution [35815]
NexentaStor 4.0 now available for download

This latest version of NexentaStor delivers significant performance, reliability and functionality improvements to the award-winning SDS solution, having passed through rigorous engineering, customer and partner testing with flying colors. NexentaStor will continue to be available in two editions: Community Edition (free, full-featured, community supported software for configurations up to 18TB), and Enterprise Edition (licensed by the size of the storage pool). NexentaStor 4.0 is Citrix and VMware Ready and certified to run on a variety of reference hardware configurations from strategic technology and channel partners.

Building on its leadership position in the emerging, high-growth Software-Defined Storage market, Nexenta delivers on its promise of providing software with SMARTS - ever higher levels of Security, Manageability, Availability, Reliability, lower TCO, and Scalability.
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06 Apr 2014 South Florida vBeers on Wed 9th and Thur 10th [35718]
2nd Wed of month @ hardock; 3rd Wed @Biscayne tavern

There will be two South Florida vBeers events this week. The first first is the monthly vBeers South Florida at Murphy's Law at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on Wed 9th: Details on

The second event will be at Brewzzi CityPlace ... just after the South Florida VMUG User Conference.

Just show up at Brewzzi after the conference, have beer while the traffic subsides and network.

Brewzzi details
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