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13 May 2015 A Brief Chat with the Linux Foundation [42584]
By Rick Ramsey (Podcast)

Rick Ramsey writes,"I recently got to chat with Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of the Linux Foundation. In case you were just rescued from a buried time capsule as part of a fraternity pledge, you probably already know that the Linux Foundation is a non-profit trade association that fosters the growth of Linux. It supports the Linux kernel development community, provides services to help companies adopt Linux, and hosts collaborative projects to solve problems in an increasing range of fields. It is supported by leading Linux and open source companies, including IBM, Intel, and Oracle..."
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26 Mar 2015 The "New to Solaris Development Forum" Has Moved [41553]
Now under the Application Development in C, C++, and Fortran space

Rick Ramsey reports that, "The New to Solaris Development Forum brought over from Sun Microsystems is still pretty active. It used to live in the Oracle Solaris space, but we just moved it under the Application Development in C, C++, and Fortran space.

We did this for two reasons:

  • To create a dedicated space for systems developers.
  • To reflect the fact Oracle Solaris Studio is an IDE for Oracle Linux as well as Oracle Solaris applications.

If you haven't been on the Forums in a while, you might not know about the changes we've made to them. Quite a few, actually..."
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21 Jan 2015 Hands On Labs for C, C++, Fortran (and Java) Developers [40457]
With Oracle Solaris Studio

Rick Ramsey, "I've always been a fan of Oracle Solaris Studio because it's the tool of choice for bad.ass developers. Java developers are ubiquitous, Database developers get more attention here at Oracle, and marketing apps generate a lot of buzz nowadays. But Fortran, C, and C++ developers bend big iron to their will. So I'm pumped that OTN's upcoming Virtual Tech Summit (VTS) will feature two 90-minute hands-on labs proctored by members of the Oracle Solaris Studio engineering team...."
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24 Oct 2014 Learn How to Use OpenStack on Oracle Solaris From the Comfort of Your Desktop [38911]
Virual hands-on lab

Rick Ramsey writes, "Glynn has prepared two labs showing you how to get OpenStack running on Oracle Solaris. OTN is making them available virtually, with moderators to help you, in November's Virtual Technology Summit. Because they're virtual, you get to decide whether you want to try them out in the crisp mountain air of your fairytale castle in Germany, the convenience of your Manhattan mansion (who dares to be away from Wall Street for very long these days), or even the regal splendor of Windsor Castle, provided you convince the Queen to let you update her internet..."
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12 Nov 2013 Video Interviews for SysAdmins [33637]
Selected by Rick Ramsey

Rick Ramsey offers links to videos of particular interest to SysAdmins:

  • Freeing the Sysadmin From Repetitive Tasks - Interview with Marshall Choy
  • The Oracle Database Appliance - Interview with Bob Thome
  • Why Pinellas County Chose Oracle Exalytics - Interview with Gautham
  • DTrace for System Administrator - Interview with Brendan Gregg

See the website for links.
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