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02 Jun 2009 Sizing the Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure [21764]
Recommendations Using Preliminary Data

Readers of Dirk Grobler's blog are directed to the deployment guide for VDI 3 for its discussion of sizing. The goal of this sizing guide was to get statements around the question: "How much gear do I need in order to serve a 1000 desktops?" The data are preliminary.
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09 Mar 2009 "Using RAID 6 for Increased Reliability and Performance" [21383]
RAID 5, RAID 1+0 Can't Quite Compare

RAID 6 is the clear choice for data storage needs in the eyes of Said A. Syed, whose whitepaper "Using RAID 6 for Increased Reliability and Performance: Sun Storage 2500 Series, 6140, 6580 and 6780 Arrays" champions that algorithm over RAID 5 and RAID 1+0 for its ability to overcome the shortcomings of both.
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05 Mar 2009 Controller-based vs. Non-controller-based Arrays on Databases [21347]
Workload and Latency Improve for Oracle and MySQL on Controller-based Arrays

The task of designing storage for both Oracle and MySQL databases necessitates taking into consideration the impact of using controller-based storage arrays vs. non-controller-based arrays on IOPS and response time, writes Grant Sleesman in a recent blog. He finds that both databases have greater workload and less latency on controller-based arrays.
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12 Jan 2009 450 GB 15K RPM Disk Drive for the ST 9985V and ST 9990V [21138]
Fibre-Channel Disks Provide Increased Performance

The new 450 GB 15K Fibre-Channel Disks provide increased performance levels in comparison to the currently offered 400GB 10K rpm disks and higher capacity than the current 300GB/15K rpm disks at excellent performance levels.
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