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28 Nov 2016 Why Do We still Rebuild RAID Drives? [58602]
ZDnet, November 28th, 2016

"Worried about the days long rebuild times of 6, 8, or even 10TB drives? Don't be. Object storage is getting rid of that relic of the 25-year-old RAID architecture. Here's how it works...

RAID arrays are designed to allow one or two individual drives to fail without losing access to the data. Parity data is added to your data to enable data access even after drive failure(s).

The parity+data bits are spread across the drives. The smallest RAID arrays are 4 drives, but 6-8 drives in a RAID stripe is most common. With RAID 5, one drive's worth of capacity is dedicated to parity, while in RAID 6 two drive's worth are..."
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03 Sep 2010 Sun Storage 6180 Array Outperforms IBM DS5020 [23440]
Better Price/Performance Numbers Using Both RAID 5 and 6

Using the SPC Benchmark-1 to determine price-performance ratios for a number of storage systems, the benchmark delivered results that demonstrate a 1.9 X advantage for the Sun Storage 6180 (8Gb) array over the IBM DS5020, reported a Sun BestPerf blog. In another blog entry, testing of the same storage arrays on the SPC Benchmark-2 produced some interesting price-performance results as well.
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08 Jan 2010 Performance News Bites [22713]
Short Items of Interest on Sun Systems Performance

  • Sun Fire X4640 Sets Record on SPECompL2001
  • Outstanding Performance of Sun Blade X6275 on FLUENT
  • Sun Blades Running NAMD Molecular Dynamics Benchmark Beat IBM
  • Sun and Oracle Demonstrate World's Fastest Database Performance
  • Sun Ultra 27 With nVidia Graphics Card on SPECviewperf 10 Benchmark
  • Sun Storage 6780 Array 51% Better Price/Performance than IBM DS5300
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07 Dec 2009 10 Reasons ZFS is Insanely Great [22457]
Some of the Amazing Features in Sun's Open Source ZFS File System

Paul Rubens with Enterprise Networking Planet lists what he believes are the top 10 features of Sun's open source ZFS file system. These include checksums in metadata for data integrity, copy on write, data snapshots with Time Slider, pooled data storage, RAIDZ and RAIDZ2, among others.
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14 Oct 2009 Sun Storage 6180 Array [22475]
Latest Addition to Sun's Disk Storage Portfolio

The Sun Storage 6180 Array is a high-performance, enterprise-class, full 8 Gigabit per second (Gb/sec) I/O Fibre Channel solution with backend loop speeds of 2 or 4 Gb/sec. It is modular, rackmountable, and scalable from a single dual-controller tray (1x1) configuration to a maximum configuration of 1x7 with six additional CSM200 expansion trays behind one controller tray. Sun reports that this new array delivers 50% more performance than Sun's previous generation, and over 70% better price/performance than the IBM DS5020.
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