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12 Jul 2017 Why You Might Trust a Quantum Computer with Secrets, Even Over the Internet [64903]
Science Daily, July 12th 2017

"Researchers have proposed a way you could use a quantum computer securely, even over the internet, explains a new report...

It may be possible to control a quantum computer over the internet without revealing what you are calculating, thanks to the many possible ways that information can flow through a computation. That's the conclusion of researchers in Singapore and Australia who studied the measurement-based model of quantum computing, reported 11 July in the journal Physical Review X..."
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03 Jul 2017 'Qudits' Join The Strange Zoo Of Quantum Computing [64751]
HPCWire, July 3rd 2017

"By now the sheer repetition of the term qubit has made it seem comprehensible and quantum computing not so strange. Brace yourself. Here comes the 'qudit' - another form of quantum information but one that is able to assume very many values at once..."

"Instead of creating quantum computers based on qubits that can each adopt only two possible options, scientists have now developed a microchip that can generate 'qudits' that can each assume 10 or more states, potentially opening up a new way to creating incredibly powerful quantum computers, a new study finds," writes Charles Choi for the IEEE Spectrum.
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18 May 2017 IBM Scientists Demonstrate Ballistic Nanowire Connections, A Potential Future Key Component for Quantum Computing [63555]
IBM, May 18th 2017

IBM scientists have achieved an important milestone toward creating sophisticated quantum devices that could become a key component of quantum computers. As detailed in the peer-review journal Nano Letters, the scientists have shot an electron through a III-V semiconductor nanowire integrated on silicon for the first time.

IBM scientists are driving multiple horizons in quantum computing, from the technology for the next decade based on superconducting qubits, towards novel quantum devices that could push the scaling limit of today's microwave technology down to the nanometer scale and that do not rely on superconducting components, opening a path towards room-temperature operation...
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17 May 2017 It's Time To Decide How Quantum Computing Will Help Your Business [63504]
ComputerWorld, May 17th 2017

"If you're not ready to start using quantum computing in your enterprise, you should at least be planning how to do so.

Researchers say companies may be less than five to 10 years away from turning to quantum computing to solve big business problems..."

"Quantum computing has the potential to not just do things faster but to allow companies to do things entirely differently," said David Schatsky, managing director of Deloitte LLP, a global consulting and financial advisory company. "If they have certain analytical workloads that could take them weeks to run and they could do it almost instantaneously, how would that change the way they make decisions, or the risks they're willing to take or what products and services they can offer customers?"
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17 May 2017 IBM Builds Its Most Powerful Universal Quantum Computing Processors [63560]
IBM, May 17th 2017

IBM announced it has successfully built and tested its most powerful universal quantum computing processors. The first upgraded processor will be available for use by developers, researchers, and programmers to explore quantum computing using a real quantum processor at no cost via the IBM Cloud. The second is a new prototype of a commercial processor, which will be the core for the first IBM Q early-access commercial systems.

Launched in March 2017, IBM Q is an industry-first initiative to build commercially available universal quantum computing systems for business and science applications. IBM Q systems and services will be delivered via the IBM Cloud platform. IBM first opened public access to its quantum processors one year ago, to serve as an enablement tool for scientific research, a resource for university classrooms, and a catalyst of enthusiasm for the field. To date users have run more than 300,000 quantum experiments on the IBM Cloud.
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