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21 May 2017 SQL Saturday South FL #627 Pre-Conference: SQL Server Capabilities in SQL... [63453]
Friday, June 9th, 2017: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Nova Southeastern University - Carl DeSantis Building

Enjoy a Full day of training with this dynamic duo! Pankaj (PJ) and David!!!

They will be doing a deep dive on performance and scalability, archive and availability, security, reporting, and administration topics.

On performance and scalability, we will explore leveraging In-Memory OLTP as well as Columnstore Indexes. In-Memory OLTP, is a new engine for transaction processing and integrates into the SQL Server Engine improving database performance by 5-30x.

SQLSaturday South Florida
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18 May 2017 How To Avoid The 3 Top It Project Risks [63492]
GCN, May 18th 2017

"For a number of years, the federal government has been on a mission to reduce waste and enhance efficiencies across departments, including IT. A recent example of this is President Trump's innovation team, which is powered by some of the tech industry's biggest names and echoes a similar program that President Barack Obama initiated in 2008. The goal for both programs: streamline government, raise accountability and improve performance -- without sacrificing innovation..."
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17 May 2017 AI In 5 Years: One CTO's Take [63475]
The Enterprisers Project, May 17th 2017

"How will artificial intelligence change the way we do business five years from now? In part two of our conversation with Seal Software CTO Kevin Gidney, he explains how AI is revolutionizing industries and changing ideas about what jobs will require humans...

The Enterprisers Project (TEP): What can we do with AI now that we couldn't do five years ago?

Gidney: So many things become possible when hardware and software performance increases to allow the most complex of tasks to be done within a few seconds..."
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17 May 2017 The Digital CFO Challenge [63593]
Oracle, May 17th 2017

Francois Lancon writes in Forbes, "The CFO is one of only two executives at a company (the CEO is the other) who could go to jail should the company publish misleading financial information (depending on local laws and regulations).

That possibility is something every CFO must live with, while still trying to close the books more quickly and provide the kind of information that can help the entire executive team make better decisions. And while closing the books in a timely manner seems like table stakes, many large, complex organizations operate as semi-independent fiefdoms run on Excel spreadsheets. Outdated applications and disconnected processes also make it hard to hold individual budget overseers accountable for financial performance..."
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17 May 2017 Big Data Use Case - What Ticketmaster Learned [63480]
insideBIGDATA, May 17th 2017

"The insideBIGDATA technology use case guide - Ticketmaster: Using the Cloud Capitalizing on Performance, Analytics, and Data to Deliver Insights provides an in-depth look at a high-profile cloud migration use case. One of the most widely discussed topics in IT today is moving workloads to cloud. The process of deciding whether or when to migrate to the cloud can be daunting. Further, finding the right technology fit for your enterprise objectives can be challenging with a cloud solution ecosystem filled with alternatives. To make the cloud adoption process more straightforward, this white paper provided a number of areas for consideration when evaluating a cloud platform..."
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