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29 Mar 2017 How To Test Sd-Wans [61954]
Network World, March 29th 2017

When determining the best SD-WAN solution for your company, there are some basic things you should test, such as scalability, failover, application performance and usability

"Whenever I speak with companies starting to research SD-WANs, the question about testing invariably comes up. Like probably any enterprise device, SD-WANs are filled with features. And as with any major WAN acquisition, testing those features prior to purchase is incredibly important. SD-WAN vendors have their own nuances and strengths. You need to be sure those strengths align with your environment..."
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29 Mar 2017 Oracle Unveils Industry-First Cloud Converged Storage to Help Organizations Bridge On-Premises and Oracle Cloud Storage [62036]
Oracle, March 29th 2017

Organizations Can Seamlessly Merge Oracle Storage Cloud Functionality and Economics with the Power of High Performance Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances

Oracle unveiled the industry's first Cloud Converged Storage, representing the first time a public cloud provider at scale has integrated its cloud services with its on-premises, high performance NAS storage systems.

Oracle ZFS Cloud software, included in the latest Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance release, enables organizations to easily and seamlessly move data and/or applications to the cloud to optimize value and savings, while eliminating the need for external cloud gateways and avoiding the costs of software licenses and cloud access licenses - AKA "cloud entrance taxes" - charged by legacy on-premises vendors for the right to access the public cloud from their infrastructure platforms. As an example, Oracle's total cost of ownership versus one industry competitor was 87 percent less.
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29 Mar 2017 IBM Study: Cognitive Technology to Impact Key Human Resource Functions [62012]
IBM, March 29th 2017

"Cognitive technology has far reaching implications in Human Resources - from hiring through onboarding to HR operations, employee engagement and performance. According to an IBM report, HR executives are already recognizing the impact of cognitive and there are several key areas where cognitive capabilities can be leveraged in the new HR era.

Recently, IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) and Smarter Workforce Institute (SWI) released a report into Cognitive HR, 'Extending expertise: How cognitive computing is transforming HR and the employee experience.' The report highlights how cognitive technologies are likely to impact HR functions. This impact is already being recognized, as more than 65 percent of CEOs surveyed believe that cognitive will drive significant value in HR, while more than 50 percent of HR executives believe that cognitive computing will affect key roles in organizations..."
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28 Mar 2017 IT Pros Spend Too Much Time Handling Emergencies [61962]
Help Net Security, March 28th 2017

"A 1E survey of 1,014 IT professionals, who together manage more than 21 million endpoints globally, centered on unplanned activities - how often they occur, what types are most common, and the time spent identifying and addressing issues.

Highlights from the survey

  • On average, IT workers spend 29 percent of every day reacting to unplanned incidents or emergencies. Based on a full-time work schedule of 1,700 hours per year, this equates to more than 14 weeks a year.
  • More than half (51 percent) of respondents spend between a quarter and their whole day, every day, reacting to unplanned incidents.
  • The most common incidents are operations related - such as outages and performance issues.
  • While nearly half of these incidents are discovered with an hour, the mean time to fix them is more than five hours.
  • Companies with 50,000+ seats are three times more likely to take over a week to resolve a business-critical request.

Read on for details.
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28 Mar 2017 Oracle's HCM World and Modern Finance Experience 2017 Deliver Foundation for Modern Business Success [62034]
Oracle, March 28th, 2017

Complementary events for HR and finance professionals showcase the building blocks, tools and strategies companies need to drive digital business transformation

Helping businesses embrace modern best practices, Oracle today announced HCM World 2017 and Modern Finance Experience 2017, taking place in Boston, April 11-13. Organizations across every industry are examining how they can use technology to innovate and gain a competitive advantage, all while enhancing employee engagement and performance. HCM World and Modern Finance Experience will bring together leading visionaries and business professionals to share real-world examples and strategies for modernizing business with technology to fuel digital growth strategies, engage and retain top talent, and maximize organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
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