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27 Feb 2017 New SuperBlade from Supermicro Revolutionizes Market Delivering Lower Initial Acquisition Cost and TCO [61166]
Supermicro, February 27th, 2017

Breaking the Mold of Proprietary High Cost Blade Designs, Delivering Better Acquisition Cost and Higher Density, Performance and Power Efficiency than Rackmount and OCP Servers

Super Micro Computer, Inc., a global leader in compute, storage and networking technologies including green computing, has announced its new SuperBlade that delivers a better initial acquisition cost structure than traditional blade servers, rack mount and OCP servers with the density and operational efficiency of blade servers in an open Rack Scale Design enabled architecture.

The new 8U SuperBlade supports both current and new generation Intel Xeon processor-based blade servers with the fastest 100G EDR InfiniBand and Omni-Path switches for mission critical, enterprise and data center applications. It also leverages the same Ethernet switches, chassis management modules, and software as the successful MicroBlade for improved reliability, serviceability, and affordability. It maximizes the performance and power efficiency with DP and MP processors in half-height and full-height blades, respectively. The new smaller form factor 4U SuperBlade maximizes density and power efficiency while enabling up to 140 dual-processor servers or 280 single-processor servers per 42U rack.
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26 Feb 2017 Beyond Shadow IT Risks, Opportunity Awaits [60783]
SearchCloudComputing, February 15th, 2017

"Enterprises have a love/hate relationship with shadow IT. When it comes with risks, its presence also drives technological innovation. Find out how to make shadow IT work for your enterprise," writes Kerry Doyle in SearchCloudComputing.

"Increasingly, corporate end users circumvent IT to deploy and maintain their own cloud-based software and services. The trend, termed shadow IT, is the result of a technologically savvy workforce unwilling to settle for sub-par application performance, device incompatibility or inadequate application features. For IT departments, the challenge is to better understand the draw of shadow IT and how best to provide tools that satisfy workers' appetite for productivity and performance. In the process, it will also mean jettisoning some traditional IT approaches..."
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26 Feb 2017 Summary of Upcoming South Florida IT Events [60780]
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Friday, March 24th, 2017

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26 Feb 2017 Why Reinvent Deduplication? Isn't Cloud Storage Cheap? [60789], February 16th, 2017

"Most people assume cloud storage is cheaper than on-premises storage," writes Shalabh Goyal in "After all, why wouldn't they? You can rent object storage for $276 per terabyte per year or less, depending on your performance and access requirements. Enterprise storage costs between $2,500 to $4,000 per terabyte per year, according to analysts at Gartner and ESG.

This comparison makes sense for primary data, but what happens when you make backups or copies of data for other reasons in the cloud? Imagine that an enterprise needs to retain three years of monthly backups of a 100TB data set. In the cloud, this can be easily equate to 3.6PB of raw backup data, or a monthly bill of more than $83,000. That's about $1 million a year, even before factoring in and data access or retrieval charges..."
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26 Feb 2017 Is Liquid Cooling Ready To Go Mainstream? [60791]
HPCWire, February 13th, 2017

Steve Campbell writes in HPCWire, "It's no secret that heat is a killer of electronics - performance, density, reliability, and energy efficiency all suffer. In this commentary Steve Campbell, co-founder and managing partner at OrionX, a strategy and research firm, contends liquid cooling may be closer than we think to widespread use in HPC and traditional datacenters and no longer just the purview of supercomputers. Many of the benefits are familiar. Campbell argues that improved cooling technology, expanding offerings from vendors, and potentially major energy savings are the drivers of the liquid cooling adoption trend. SC16, he says, may have represented an early tipping point. See if you agree..."
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