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20 Aug 2017 Late Night Infomercials and the Data Center [65734]
by Michael Letschin

Michael blogs, "Today's storage administrators are looking for the best performance for the lowest cost to satisfy their enterprise data requirements. Performance is often improved by adding more solid state drives, but these come at a cost premium. For enterprises looking to save money and resources while meeting performance requirements- data reduction is a key component in creating the ideal solution.

Options for data reduction are classified into two main categories and each has their own purpose - data deduplication and compression...."
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15 Aug 2017 SDN and a Life Beyond the Death of the Internet [65650]
Network World, August 15th, 2017

"For enterprises concerned about secure and consistent network performance, the public internet cannot be the default solution anymore. Enterprises need to look beyond the public internet to their own private WANs, and specifically, to SDN...

For decades, enterprises have relied on the public internet for business-critical SaaS applications and data traffic. The reason why is pretty simple: it's cost-efficient, it's easy to use and it's already there. Compare that to the logistical, financial and implementation challenges of installing an alternative private network, and it's clear why enterprises have been pretty content with the internet for their entire digital lives..."
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15 Aug 2017 What's New With MySQL Replication in MySQL 8.0 [65702]
By: Krzysztof Ksiazek

Krzysztof blogs, "Replication in MySQL has been around for a long time, and has been steadily improving over the years. It has been more like evolution rather than revolution. This is perfectly understandable, as replication is an important feature that many depend on - it has to work.

In the last MySQL versions, we've seen improvements in replication performance through support for applying transactions in parallel. In MySQL 5.6, parallelization was done on schema level - all transactions which have been executed in separate schemas could be executed at once. This was a nice improvement for those workloads that had multiple schemas on a single server, and the load was distributed more or less evenly across the schemas..."
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14 Aug 2017 Higher Education Institutions Select Oracle EPM Cloud to Drive Student Success [65693]
Oracle, August 14th, 2017

Academic institutions leverage Oracle EPM Cloud to master increasing industry complexity, innovate, and grow

Higher education institutions of all sizes across the U.S. have invested in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud solutions for the modern planning and forecasting insights. Oracle EPM Cloud customers in higher education include: Lorain County Community College, San Francisco State University, Shawnee State University, University of Maryland, Baltimore, University of Wyoming, and the University System of New Hampshire.
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14 Aug 2017 Oracle Makes the Most Powerful Database Platform Available on the Industry's Most Advanced Cloud Infrastructure [65691]
Oracle, August 14th, 2017

Oracle announced that Oracle Exadata Cloud is now available on Oracle's next-generation cloud infrastructure. The marriage of Oracle Exadata, the highest performing on-premises and public cloud database platform, with Oracle Cloud's unique bare metal compute and storage services, delivers a combination of performance and availability for the entire application stack that only Oracle can deliver. These integrated and fully programmable cloud services enhance all stages of application development and deployment through faster connectivity, provisioning, processing, and database access with unmatched technology and industry-leading price performance.

"Oracle's next-generation cloud infrastructure is optimized for enterprise workloads and now supports Oracle Exadata, the most powerful database platform," said Kash Iftikhar, vice president of product management, Oracle. "With the power of Oracle Exadata, customers using our infrastructure are able to bring applications to the cloud never previously possible, without the cost of re-architecture, and achieve incredible performance throughout the stack. From front-end application servers to database and storage, we are optimizing our customers' most critical applications."
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