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16 Apr 2017 Seven Reasons Why Interconnection Is Better Than The Public Internet [62295]
eWeek, April 6th 2017

"As is the case with all technologies, IT solutions and offerings of all kinds - both on-premises and cloud-based - continue to evolve," notes Chris Preimesberger in eWeek.

"We've observed cloud services grow from singular private or public cloud offerings into multi cloud solutions facilitated by direct interconnections. Interconnections, offered by a handful of the world's leading data center hosting providers, enable organizations to connect to one or many cloud providers, telecommunications providers and even other enterprises directly, bypassing the public internet with lower latency, increased performance and enhanced security as a result. In this eWEEK slide show, using industry information from Digital Realty, which operates both colocation and interconnection data centers for enterprises, we offer the top seven factors to consider when comparing interconnections to the public internet..."
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16 Apr 2017 SEO in 2017 - What Really Affects Your Search Rankings [62307]
Monday, April 17th, 2017: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Brogues Down Under - Lake Worth

SEO in 2017 - What Really Affects Your Search Ranking & How You Can Earn More Business through SEO

We'll go over the commonly used SEO by Yoast plugin and some others that could help site speed/performance (and how that plays into SEO)

Antoine Dupont, Bobby DeLisio, David Bisset, Joseph Russo, Matthew Granat, Melanie Kafka, Stephanie Buzano
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14 Apr 2017 McGraw Hill's Journey to Oracle Public Cloud [62449]
By Eric Jacobsen

Eric blogs, "Chandan Ghosh describes McGraw Hill's journey to the cloud and why Oracle's Integrated Cloud platform with high performance, massive scalability, and reduced costs, was the best option for moving their entire IT footprint to the Oracle Cloud.

McGraw Hill has been experiencing rapid grow in their digital educational subscriptions and needed a way to speed up their delivery model. Find out how they were able to set up environments in only a few hours versus the 30 days it used to take...
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13 Apr 2017 Fighting Oblivion with a New Kind of Computer [62410]
HPE, April 13th 2017

The architecture of all computers in use today is more than 60 years old. Already today, computers are no longer able to cope with the exponential data growth in several areas - areas like medical research where the imaging and analysis of genetic information create immense amounts of raw data.

In order to solve this challenge, the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) - an institution researching, among other things, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease - recently closed a collaboration agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to leverage HPE's new computing architecture.

Back in December 2016 at HPE Discover in London, HPE unveiled the proof-of-concept prototype for Memory-Driven Computing - a concept that puts memory, not processing, at the center of the computing platform. Memory-Driven Computing will realize performance and efficiency gains and deliver big data insights not possible today. Current computing architectures use a lot of time and power moving data between different storage layers - a component the new architecture aims to resolve.
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13 Apr 2017 neteffect Offers Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery Solutions with NetApp [62426]
NetApp, April 13th 2017

NetApp converged infrastructure gives neteffect technologies the flexibility to blend on-premises and cloud services for customers

"Previous IT solutions that promised to be dynamic and expandable quickly reached their limitations, which ultimately threatened to affect our sales," says John Campbell, Chief Technology Officer of neteffect. "By combining NetApp storage with Cisco UCS servers, we have the flexibility to grow quickly while offering our customers a cost-effective disaster recovery solution and better performance at no additional cost. We're going to get a lot of longevity out of this platform."
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