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18 Jun 2017 WordPress 4.8 and Site Speed [64211]
Tuesday, June 20th, 2017: 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

FIU - School of Computing and Information Science - Miami

Topic #1: WordPress 4.8

We will go over a few of the changes of the new version of WordPress and see into the future of what might be coming in the future versions.

Topic #2: Site Speed and Performance

Tips, Plugins and other Web tools to help your website move faster and perform better.

David Bisset, Michael Chacon, Pirate Dunbar, Rick Tuttle, Jean Jeazy Felisme, Michael J. Schofield
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18 Jun 2017 Engineer Unveils New Spin On Future Of Transistors With Novel Design [64238]
Science Daily, June 5th 2017

"An engineer with the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science at The University of Texas at Dallas has designed a novel computing system made solely from carbon that might one day replace the silicon transistors that power today's electronic devices..."

"The concept brings together an assortment of existing nanoscale technologies and combines them in a new way," said Dr. Joseph S. Friedman, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at UT Dallas who conducted much of the research while he was a doctoral student at Northwestern University.

"The resulting all-carbon spin logic proposal, published by lead author Friedman and several collaborators in the June 5 issue of the online journal Nature Communications, is a computing system that Friedman believes could be made smaller than silicon transistors, with increased performance..." - Science Daily
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14 Jun 2017 Storage Performance Testing Vital, Says Ex-Morrisons It Chief [64319]
ComputerWeekly, June 14th 2017

"Former Morrisons head of technology says testing and monitoring storage performance is key to avoiding outages and getting the benefits from infrastructure upgrades...

Organisations need to regularly monitor storage performance or risk catastrophic failures. Testing is also vital during times of infrastructure change to ensure upgrades meet performance improvement targets..."
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12 Jun 2017 Don't Be Left Behind by IPv6 deployment, ISOC Warns Enterprises [64273]
Network World, June 6h 2017

"Deployment of IPv6 is accelerating - but it's home and mobile users that are benefitting from the performance improvements first, a new report says ...

They have the resources, the expertise and, though they may not realize it, the need -- but it turns out that enterprises are often the ones that don't yet have IPv6.

That's the finding of the Internet Society its latest report on IPv6 deployment, published five years after the organization began a worldwide push to deploy the new addressing protocol and almost 20 years after the protocol was defined..."
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12 Jun 2017 Troubleshooting Network Latency: 6 Tools [64329]
Network Computing, June 12th 2017

"Learn how utilities like traceroute, SNMP, and NetFlow help track down sources of network performance problems.

Now that we live in a world of real-time collection and streaming of data, any latency or jitter on our network can quickly escalate into a serious problem. Network administrators are tasked with troubleshooting, but tracking down the root cause of network latency is easier said than done. In some ways, it's a cat-and-mouse game that requires multiple tools to diagnose the origin of the problem. Identifying and fixing network latency culprits is a three-step process..."
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