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10 Dec 2012 Big Data Analytics Set To Confound Conventional Adoption Curve in UK [28914]
ComputerWeekly December 10, 2012

"Four leading executives from US big data and analytics companies tell a similar story of imminent increased big data analytics adoption in the UK and Europe. Senior executives from MapR, Cloudera, ParAccel, and Pentaho traced out the likely pattern of growth in 2013 in a series of interviews with Computer Weekly."
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07 Aug 2009 Sun/ParAccel/OpenSolaris Cluster Logs One Million Queries per Hour TPC-H at 30 Terabytes [22029]
Bests HP Superdome Mark

A recent TPC-H benchmark produced the impressive performance and price-performance result of 1,050,556.20 QphH @30000GB with a price performance of $2.86/QphH @30000GB for a Sun/ParAccel cluster of 43 Sun Fire X4540 servers, each equipped with two AMD Opteron 2356 2.3 GHz processors, running ParAccel Analytic Database on Sun OpenSolaris 2009.06, reports blogger Guido Ficco on Sun's BestPerf site.
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09 Jul 2009 Record-Setting Performance by Sun x64 Servers and Open Storage [22087]
On BIDW and Email Serving Benchmarks

Sun's Open Network Systems have set multiple record-breaking results on industry-standard Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing (BIDW) and e-mail serving benchmarks. Outstanding performance was also observed on the two-tier SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) Standard Application Benchmark and the SAS Analytics grid test.
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06 Jan 2009 Review of News for 2008 - 2 of 3 [21171]
50 Most Popular Topics, 900 Most Popular Articles

Part 2 of 3


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