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29 Nov 2013 Presentations from Solaris Day, Nov 27th, Moscow [33800]
Oracle Solaris Overview and Roadmap, Consolidation Tools, Optimization Tools

Frederic Pariente writes, "Thanks for attending the Moscow Solaris Day on Wednesday! I am posting here presentations from the event, as promised. I am also pointing you to the Oracle OpenWorld 2013 keynote presentations from John Fowler and Markus Flierl, for further reading on Solaris Sparc roadmap, and to the dimSTAT tool, if you are looking for a powerful monitoring solution for Solaris systems."

  • Oracle Solaris Overview and Roadmap
  • Solaris 11 Consolidation Tools
  • Oracle Solaris Optimization Tools

Read on for links to the presentations.
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10 Sep 2013 If Virtualization Is Free, It Can't Be Any Good - Right? [32837]
A Consolidation Case Study on Oracle SuperCluster

by Thierry Manfé, with contributions from Orgad Kimchi, Maria Frendberg, and Mike Gerdts

Best practices and hands-on instructions for using Oracle Solaris Zones to consolidate existing physical servers and their applications onto Oracle SuperCluster using the P2V migration process, including a step-by-step example of how to consolidate an Oracle Solaris 8 server running Oracle Database 10g...

This article provides guidance, best practices, and hands-on instructions for using Oracle Solaris Zones to consolidate existing servers onto SuperCluster. It focuses on the operating system and virtualization layers, on the P2V migration process, and on the associated tools for facilitating this migration.

This article is intended to help system administrators, architects, and project managers who have some understanding of SuperCluster and want to familiarize themselves with P2V migration and evaluate the possibility of conducting such a transition.
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25 May 2013 How to go Physical to Virtual with Oracle Solaris Zones using Enterprise Manager Ops Center [31101]
By Rodney Lindner

Rodney Lindner writes, "Many customers have large collections of physical Solaris 8, 9 and 10 servers in their datacenters and they are wondering how they are going to virtualize them. This leads to a commonly asked question. Can Enterprise Manager Ops Center 12C be used to P2V (Physical to Virtual) my old servers? Ops Center does not have a single button P2V capability, but it is possible for Ops Center to deploy physical servers, LDOMs and branded zones based on flash archives(flars) that have been taken of your existing physical servers. Ops Center achieves P2V by deploying flars and leveraging its patching and automation capabilities, to make the P2V process consistent, repeatable and as cost effective as possible.

As with any virtualization project, there will be a number of things that will need to be updated as you move from a physical to a virtual environment. It is a common misconception that you can virtualize a system and change nothing about it. There are always a few things that have to be changed on an OS or process level to make it compatible with the virtualized environment. As a best practice, there are many more things that should be updated, re-allocated and redesigned as part of a virtualization project but that is a subject for another blog.

In this blog, we will be covering migrating physical servers to Oracle Solaris Zones..."
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23 Nov 2012 Migrating from Third Party Virtualization Software to Oracle VM [28579]
Procedure Shows Steps to Manual Process

In a recent blog post, Simon Coter deals with the issue of migrating from third party virtualization software (ex. RH KVM, VMWare) to Oracle VM. He points out that support documentation states that support for Oracle products on non-Oracle VM platforms follows exactly the same stance as support for VMware and, so, the only x86 virtualization software solution certified for any Oracle product is "Oracle VM". Coter's post presents a step-by-step guide to "manually" migrate a guest machine from KVM to OVM. He promises a future post on manual migration of Virtual-Iron guests to OracleVM.
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08 Nov 2012 How to Migrate Oracle Database 10 From Oracle Solaris 8 to Oracle Solaris 11 [28394]
Using the Oracle Solaris 8 P2V (Physical to Virtual) Tool

Orgad Kimchi has created a procedure for migrating Oracle Database from Oracle Solaris 8 to Oracle Solaris 11. His procedure utilizes the Oracle Solaris 8 P2V (physical to virtual) Archiver tool to migrate a physical Oracle Solaris 8 system with Oracle Database and an Oracle Automatic Storage Management file system located on SAN storage connected via a Fibre Channel HBA into an Oracle Solaris 8 branded zone inside an Oracle Solaris 10 guest domain on top of an Oracle Solaris 11 control domain. Kimchi demonstrates both how to preserve the host information and how to modify the host name.
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