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01 Feb 2017 Oracle Utilities Unveils Network Management Platform of the Future [60288]
Oracle Utilities Network Management System 2.3 supports transition to a customer-centric grid

Oracle introduced Oracle Utilities Network Management System 2.3, an expanded network management platform that enables utilities to make the transition to a customer-centric grid by giving operators real-time visibility across all grid and pipeline assets and eliminating the complexities of siloed data and applications.

Utilities are facing major shifts in their operations caused by a rapid increase in distributed energy resources (DERs) such as solar PVs, storage systems, electric vehicles and connected home devices, as well as continuing issues with aging water and gas pipelines.
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01 Feb 2017 Are NFL Broadcasters The Next Poster Children For Disintermediation? [60292]
By Michael Hickins, Oracle, February 1st, 2017

Michael Hickins writes in Forbes, "The National Football League, arguably the most successful sports business in the US, is getting a new challenger. The Pacific Pro Football League will kick off its inaugural season during the summer of 2018, with four teams based in Southern California.

In addition to being a proving ground for players, coaches, and executives, the league will act as a 'football lab' for new technologies. More broadly, it will serve as a potential threat to the NFL's current content distributors, according to a release by the new league.

While other rival football leagues have come and gone, the Pacific Pro Football League expects to land distribution deals that the likes of the USFL couldn't get from the TV networks, says Don Yee, one of the Pac Pro League's cofounders (better known as NFL quarterback Tom Brady's agent)..."
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01 Feb 2017 Oracle Secure Global Desktop Release 5.3 [60307]
By Jan, February 1st, 2017

Jan blogs, "Oracle Secure Global Desktop is a secure remote access solution for cloud-hosted enterprise applications and hosted desktops running on Oracle Linux and other Linux distributions, Oracle Solaris, Microsoft Windows, and mainframe servers..."

SGD Provides Secure Application Access:

  • Secure remote access to server-hosted applications and desktops
  • Supports a wide variety of application platforms and desktops, including web-based Oracle applications, Windows applications, mainframe and midrange applications, Windows and Linux desktops and more
  • Access from Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X computers, Apple iPad tablets, and Android devices
  • Certified for web-based Oracle applications and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud

This release features many improvements over the previous release including Support for Oracle Linux 7 as a client, application server and infrastructure node for Oracle SGD server and gateway.
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31 Jan 2017 McColl's Chooses Oracle Retail Stores Solutions and Hardware [60289]
Oracle, January 31st, 2017

Oracle announced that McColl's has invested in Oracle Retail Xstore Point-of-Service and Oracle MICROS Family Workstation 6 to improve the in-store guest experience. With 1,375 stores, McColl's is the UK's leading neighbourhood retailer serving the convenience and newsagent sectors. As part of its growth strategy, McColl's is investing to improve store standards and the customer experience.
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31 Jan 2017 Cloud Database Strategy: Buy A 'Smartphone,' Not A Bagful Of Gadgets [60293]
By Chris Murphy, Oracle, January 31st, 2017

"Juan Loaiza is a master of database technology, and, having spent his career explaining the business value of sophisticated technology, he's also pretty good with analogies," writes Chris in Forbes.

"Here's how Loaiza is talking about cloud databases: What you want is something like a really great smartphone, something that has the power to run any app you have and might want, while also simplifying your life by putting it all in one place. What you don't want is a bagful of gadgets - like a GPS, fitness tracker, and MP3 player - that each does one thing okay..."
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