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30 Aug 2016 New Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Database [55841]
By Honglin Su

Honglin blogs, "Many customers have been using Oracle VM to enable rapid application deployment. With the use of Oracle VM Templates, sophisticated applications such as Oracle Database or Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) can be deployed in minutes - up to 10x faster than with other solutions.

We are pleased to announce the updated Oracle VM Templates for Oracle Database. The entire installation is automated, requesting minimal information (e.g. node names, IP addresses, etc.) from the user. Fully automated build of a Single Instance environment or a cluster using the Deploycluster tool on Oracle VM 3, including automated network setup for N-node clusters..."
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29 Aug 2016 Oracle VM 3.4: Enabling Rapid Migration to a Private Cloud Environment [55842]
By Simon Coter

Simon writes, "Oracle VM Virtual Appliances, also known as Oracle VM Templates, provide an innovative approach to deploying a fully configured software stack by offering pre-installed and pre-configured software images. Use of Oracle VM Templates eliminates the installation and configuration costs, and reduces the ongoing maintenance costs helping organizations achieve faster time to market and lower cost of operations. Oracle VM Templates of many key Oracle products are available for download, including Oracle Linux, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware, and many more; see the complete list below.

Traditional data centers are typically fragmented environments, with various applications installed and Server virtualization is the first step to simplify this..."
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24 Aug 2016 Oracle VM Server for SPARC Released [55647]
By Honglin Su

Honglin blogs, "We are pleased to announce the latest maintenance update of Oracle VM Server for SPARC. For a list of enhancements and bug fixes, see Oracle VM Server for SPARC Supplemental Release Notes.This update has been integrated into Oracle Solaris, refer to Oracle Solaris 11.3 Support Repository Updates (SRU) Index [ID 2045311.1]..."
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18 Aug 2016 Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1.4 [55415]
By Simon Coter

Simon blogs, "Oracle has released VirtualBox 5.1 Maintenance Release 4. This release includes a number of improvements and bug fixes from first release of Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1. Between them we can mention:

  • GUI: show actual VM uptime in the session information window
  • Audio: re-enabled speakers for Mac OS X guests (5.1.0 regression)
  • Linux installer: fixed some scripting issues
  • Windows hosts: fixed corrupted mouse pointers with some Linux and Solaris guests
  • Linux Additions: made the video driver work on kernel 4.7 and later
  • Windows Additions: auto-resizing fixes for Windows 10 guests

See all the details here with a complete list of bug fixes..."
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29 Jul 2016 Oracle VM 3.4 - Upgrade Utilities [54803]
By John Priest

John blogs, "This is another blog in the series to give the Oracle VM community some additional information on the 3.4 release that we delivered earlier this year. The topics that we covered in previous Oracle VM 3.4 blogs include:

  • Oracle VM 3.4 Ease of Use Enhancements
  • Oracle VM 3.4 Performance Gains
  • Oracle VM 3.4 Dom0 Enhancements
  • Solutions with Command Line Interface
  • Integrating Oracle VM with Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux
  • Oracle VM Hierarchical Viewer

This week, we are going to share a little more information on a couple of useful tools to help upgrade your 3.2 or 3.3 environment to Oracle VM 3.4..."
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