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11 Nov 2016 Updating Private Cloud Appliance Software To 2.2.2 With Enterprise Manager 13C [57809]
By Simon Hayler, November 11th, 2016

Simon writes, "This blog will explain and detail the steps before and after the Private Cloud Appliance software update to preserve and sustain the Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c monitoring and management. This blog covers the process for updating a Private Cloud Appliance from software version 2.2.1 to 2.2.2. The target Private Cloud Appliance and internal Oracle VM Manager is currently discovered and monitored by Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.2...
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04 Nov 2016 Friday Spotlight: automated installation of Oracle VM Server x86 [57628]
By Simon Coter

Simon, "As most of you already know, Oracle VM Server x86, engineered for Open Cloud, is a fundamental component for Private Cloud solutions.

When an Oracle VM architecture has been defined, we also need to manage it fast&easy, mostly if the architecture is in a phase of permanent expansion.

Even if the installation of Oracle VM Server for x86 is a very easy operation, it could happen that a faster, easier and also repeatable solution, able to automate the installation of Oracle VM Server (dom0) is needed:..."
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28 Oct 2016 Friday Spotlight: Disaster Recover (DR) Resources for Oracle VM and Oracle Private Cloud Appliance [57428]
By Tony Kay

Tony blogs, "With more and more customers choosing to deploy Business-Critical Systems on both the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance and on Oracle VM it is worth rounding up some useful, and recently, updated resources in this area:

  • White Paper: Oracle VM 3: Getting Started With Disaster Recovery
  • Webcast replay: Disaster Recovery 101 on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
  • Blog: Friday Spotlight : Disaster Recovery Demystified on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
  • Blog: Installing and Enabling Oracle Site Guard for DR with Oracle VM and Private Cloud Appliance
  • Resources MAA (Maximum Availability Architecture) Best Practices with Oracle VM (x86 and SPARC)

Read on for details.
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21 Oct 2016 Oracle Exadata and Oracle VM Best Practices [57232]
By Honglin Su

Honglin writes, "Many customers have been using Oracle Exadata that provides the highest-performing and most-available infrastructure for running Oracle Database, whether it's in Oracle Cloud, on premises, or a combination of both. Oracle VM, engineered for open cloud, is supported on Exadata so that consolidated environments can achieve a high level of workload isolation using Oracle VM while taking advantage of ultra-fast InfiniBand networking. Virtual machine-based licensing brings customers more benefits to run Oracle software..."
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19 Oct 2016 VirtualBox 5.1.8 Out Now, Oracle Adds Linux Kernel 4.8 Support in VirtualBox 5.0 [57225]
Softpedia, October 19th, 2016

Marius Nestor blogs, "The VirtualBox 5.1.8 point release is the most advanced Oracle VM VirtualBox version you can get right now, and it promises a month's worth of bug fixes and improvements to further stabilize the application for all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

There are numerous changes implemented in VirtualBox, and among the most interesting ones we can mention support for using Audio Queues on Mac OS X hosts, the ability to parse port-forwarding rules that contain slashes, better keyboard handling for Windows and Mac OS X hosts, as well as improved support for deleting snapshots..."
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