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01 Feb 2011 Oracle Business Intelligence Integration with Oracle Open Office [23877]
Dramatic License Cost Savings Result for Users

New with the release of Oracle 3.3 is the Oracle Open Office Connector for Oracle Business Intelligence, which enables users to access and run Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition requests directly within Oracle Open Office. According to Oracle's press release, the refreshable requests leverage not only native Open Office functionality but also the scalability and performance of the Oracle Oracle Business Intelligence server (R10.x). The requests reference a single source of information as defined in the Oracle Business Intelligence server data, the release continues, thus ensuring consistent information across the enterprise. A 6:34 minute video demonstrates how it all works.
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17 Dec 2010 Oracle Cloud Office and Oracle Open Office 3.3 [23788]
First Complete, Open Standards-Based Office Productivity Suites for Desktop, Web and Mobile Users

Oracle Cloud Office and Open Office 3.3, are two complete, open standards-based office productivity suites for the desktop, web and mobile devices. Based on the Open Document Format (ODF) and open web standards, Oracle Office enables users to share files on any system as it is compatible with both legacy Microsoft Office documents and modern web 2.0 publishing.

With Oracle Office products, users gain personal productivity, web 2.0 collaboration and enterprise-integrated document tools on Windows, Mac, Linux, Web browsers and smartphones such as the iPhone at an unrivaled price.

"Oracle Cloud Office and Oracle Open Office 3.3 deliver complete, open and cost-effective office productivity suites that are designed and optimized for our customersÂ’ needs," said Michael Bemmer, vice president of Oracle Office. "Customers now have the flexibility to support users across a wide variety of devices and platforms, whether via desktop, private or public cloud. With Oracle Office, enterprises can reduce costs while helping to increase productivity and speed innovation."
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16 Dec 2010 New Oracle Names for Sun Software [23742]
With Links

Many of the software products produced by Sun Microsystems have been rebranded since the Oracle acquisition. This is a useful table mapping the old names to the new names along with links to the Oracle (or other) home pages for those products.
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06 Oct 2010 The Upcoming Oracle Cloud Office [23524]
Screencast Offers Quick Introduction to the Future Collaborative Suite

Oracle Cloud Office is a Web and mobile office suite. It includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Based on Web open standards and the Open Document Format (ODF), Oracle Cloud Office enables Web 2.0-style collaboration and mobile document access and ensures compatibility with Microsoft Office file documents. Recently previewed at Oracle OpenWorld, the upcoming collaborative office suite has had a screencast posted highlighting its features.
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21 Jul 2010 Presenter Console Extension Gives More Control to Slide Show Presentations [23302]
Available with Oracle Open Office and Freely Downloadable with OO.o

Slide presentations can be relatively stress-free according to Iain Curtain, who shares his recent experience using Open Office installed with the Presenter Console extension at the UK Hyperion conference. Its key feature is the way a presenter views the slide show versus the audience. The presenter is privy to a view of the upcoming slide, the slide notes, and a presentation timer, while the audience only see the current slide being presented.
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