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Articles for the keywords: Oracle Linux
22 Jun 2017 Training Thursdays: Many Ways to Optimize Use of Oracle Linux [64509]
By Antoinette Osullivan

Antoinette blogs, "Learn about some of the many ways you can optimize Oracle Linux by taking the Oracle Linux advanced administration training. In this training you will learn about topics including a range of virtualization technologies available and about tracing with DTrace.

This training is available in different formats to match your training needs..."
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20 Jun 2017 APAC Webinar: Building Portable Applications Using Docker on Oracle Linux (July 11th) [64510]
By Zeynep Koch

Zeynep shares an invitation to a webinar: "Are you facing challenges on how best to streamline your next generation application development and deployment?

Containerization, or the use of containers, are one of the hottest technology trends today, with rapid adoption across enterprises in their digital transformation.

Oracle and Docker, as members of the Open Container Initiative, are working to create open platforms for building and deploying applications as containers, making them portable and easy to manage.

Join us for the webinar to learn how Oracle Linux supports your vision for delivering applications in the cloud using Docker containers. We will also introduce Oracle's new container registry service that delivers Oracle products, compiled as Docker containers, ready to use in your development environment and data center operations..."
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19 Jun 2017 Monday Spotlight: How To Install Java SE on Oracle Linux from ULN [64511]
By Sergio Leunissen

Sergio blogs, "This post describes the steps to install and update Java SE, including critical patch updates (CPU) on Oracle Linux via Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN). Customers who have Oracle Linux support and Java SE support from Oracle have access to commercial releases of Java SE via ULN..."
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12 Jun 2017 How to configure MySQL Multi-Master Replication on Oracle Linux [64347]
HowtoForge, June 12th 2017

"This tutorial explains how to setup and configure MySQL multi-master replication on Oracle Linux. As you all may already know, MySQL is a well known top notch database product that has proven to be enterprise ready.

As data is crucial for every organization, most database administrators are looking for a suitable solution to setup high availability to ensure user are able to access their data 24/7. MySQL replication is a solution that can ensure a high availability policy.

On top of that, MySQL replication is also able to help database administrators to distribute the load on multiple database servers by load balancing the READ and WRITE requests. Unfortunately, basic replication can only offer benefits on READ requests. Due to that, MySQL multi-master replication was introduced to offer replication for WRITE request as well..."
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12 Jun 2017 Announcing Oracle Linux 5 Extended Support [64354]
By Scott Lynn

Scott blogs, "Oracle is pleased to offer Extended Support for Oracle Linux 5 - effective June 27, 2017, and ending on June 26, 2020.

The Oracle Linux operating system is engineered for open cloud infrastructure. As part of our commitment to openness and flexibility, Oracle Linux 5 Extended Support gives you greater choice about when to move your systems to a new generation of Linux software..."
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